Set times


Should put in a FOI request to the 100 Club


seriously if one more person tells me “we have to support new bands and independent venues or we’ll only be left with X Factor music!!” i’m going to scream

“I am very supportive of local bands, but only when they’re opening for Cast” basically.


I’ve paid to see TRANSMISSION: the sound of JOY DIVISION, not some bunch of nobodies!


This is only of my favourite threads on NewDiS. It’s also one of the few threads where absolutely everyone seems to be on the same page and agreeing with each other


There are so many shit bands that get put on last minute or because they’re mates with the promoter at small shows that you have to put a really good case forward for me to see everything at your shows.


Will do! I’ll try tweeting the band in French.



Saying good evening and thanks in French to them at Rough Trade East last year was the only time I’ve spoken my grade C GCSE French in years. They were a nice bunch of people.


Are they going to stop the individual bands themselves telling their fans when they’re on as well?


“Je voudrais une danse dans la cage metal las bas”

Actually said that in a French night club and the staff said ok. And I did.


They said they’ll let the bands put the info out there if they want


They might resort to throwing out fake stage times if that happens, to muddy the waters a bit.


Would be great if support bands at the 100 Club started posting the time they’re on, much to the annoyance of the 100 Club. Something along with the lines of “FYI guys we’re on at 8 tonight. If you can make it, great, if not, that’s cool we understand. Main act are on at 9.15 :slightly_smiling_face:


ActuaLOL at that.




i decided against posting it in meme form lest i incur the wrath of the ASG (Anti Simpsons Group)


They can’t take all of us!


never mind lads, Simon’s got the answer


the sense of entitlement of these twats, fucking hell like


Anyone who mentions ‘real music fans’ can just fuck right fucking off.


Ol @citizenmeh himself!