Set times


a giant.


not sure what this means in reply to some of the people complaining about the impact on those with disabilities.

maybe if you send them a picture of your blue badge they’ll send you back an encrypted file with the set times that you can print out and keep in a Yondr pouch


Are you using mobile Twitter rather than the app? (^5 if so!)


Can’t see what they can do except back down TBH. Unwittingly started WWIII? Fucking hell.




you’d think being dunked on to this degree might have some sort of effect.


We’ll see where they go with this. I mean a good person goes contrite and tries to fix things.

But that old double-down is so seductive to the ego…


They’re sticking with their view that they’re the champions of music by not posting set times and that anyone that wants to know what time a band is on isn’t a fan of live music. They’re missing or ignoring the obvious fact that the people who want to know timings have already bought a ticket or interested in doing so.

If they’re so sanctimonious about the quality of the support bands, because every support band that plays The 100 Club in their eyes are brilliant, why not just put a YouTube link to the bands’ songs on their set times page. They can ask before hand the support bands which songs they want linked on their website. People who have bought tickets can make their own minds up.


Hoping for the double down tbh.


DIY Space’s reply is condescending tbf.

I’m not sure if the tweets 100 Club retweeted were posted before the ones criticising their policy, but it’s not a good luck either way, and nor is replying to any that criticise drinks prices and not those that mention the issue for people with disabilities. Probably worth reserving judgement until they come out with a statement though.


They’ll do a u turn by the end of the week. But publicity for the venue either way.


not even worth turning up for the headliners at the 100 club is it


Mate they’ve got not one but two Sex Pistols tribute acts on their schedule.


I’m surprised the 100 Club promotes new music. Thought it only put on punk bands from the 70s or tributes to punk bands from the 70s.


I am! Did it to try to ween me off. Didn’t work


Did the same with Instagram. Also didn’t work. No ads though I suppose.


I always just assumed that stage times aren’t provided as the venue want you there as early as possible to buy as many drinks as possible.


Thought contactless effectively ended minimum charges


I once missed half of a Charlatans gig at the Glasgow O2 ABC as it was on a Saturday and (i found out later) they always had early start times on Saturdays because of the club night afterwards. It would have been good to be told this in advance.


Not contactless directly but interchange fees where massively reduced - the cost of making a card transaction - which meant more places would adopt contactless.