Set times

I’d been considering starting a thread about this a few months back. I’m in my mid-30s now and still feel like I’m one of the youngest when I go to gigs. Where do ‘the kids’ who like music hang out now? Sitting at home watching the YouTubes probably…


Real cinema fans watch the adverts


Took my mum and her partner to see Christine & The Queens a few months back. He was worried about being one of the oldest there, but fit in quite comfortably. Reckon it’s a ticket price thing? They do seem to have become exponentially more expensive for mid-sized and big gigs over the last decade (although that doesn’t explain the same demographic changes at sub-£10 gigs of new bands).

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Funnily enough I’ve just checked 100 Club’s website gig listings. They don’t seem to bother mentioning who the support band is on most of the listings. Maybe that should be their first port of call?


really hope someone has pointed this out to the absolute weapon in charge of their social media pages

initially assumed people saying this about the 100 Club post were potentially a bit cynical and that it probably just really is a misguided crusade ‘for the music, maaan’

but the more they push the “we tell you what time doors open, just come then!” line the more i’m not sure.

I have, but they only reply to the posts they want


I’ve never really followed the logic of not knowing the stage time leading to me getting there really early. If I don’t know the time, I just take a punt, and if I get it wrong hold it against the band, promoter and venue forever.

Still not forgiven MSTRKRFT for that 12.30am start a few years back.


Our band did a tweet about it and I’ve just been interviewed for newsbeat on radio 1 about it. Tune in to hear my silly voice


worst is when you have to take a guess and they ended up putting the bands on in a different order than they appear on the poster


the 100 club is the only place ive been to for a gig in london and ill tell you what, its fucking shit isnt it


Just gonna reiterate this


I imagine the proper music fans would want to know when the stage times were in case they had an appointment for getting a proper haircut.


Slaves should play The 100 Club.

It would be karma if everyone turned up to see the support band and left before Slaves came on.


They’re bloody awful. Had the misfortune to catch them supporting the Foos last year and they were dreadful. No songs at all, just this “YEAH WE’RE MORE PUNK THAN ANYONE? YEAH? YEAH? 'AV IT!” attitude.

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They cut most of this but it was still nice to hear my band and my voice on that insane news show


Most gig venues in London are. I like knowing the set times so I can minimise the amount of time I have to spend in them. Admittedly I’m a bit of a cranky old git these days but I can’t be arsed standing around some dark, uncomfortable hole with really expensive drinks on the off chance a support band might be alright.

Gotta work on your soundbites! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: It was a lovely surprise to hear them mention you guys - I was driving back from taking my boy to softplay, and I usually just try to tune it all out, but that made my ears prick up!

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So many top posts here. Good stuff team.

This also made me think about the last time I went to the 100 Club.

I think (think) it was in 2005 or 2006, when I saw !!! play there. They were really good.