Set times


look at this stupid cunt


we never used to have the internet and we managed ok. let’s bin it off.


Yay for people on the internet! What an utter pillock.


I went to that. The show (including the guitar auction) finished by 11.


well I remember having to leave early to get my train, dalston is pretty far out from waterloo, how do you remember it finished by 11?


We have had this exact conversation before. In the immortal words of @guntrip: that’s what you get for not living in Dalolston


I feel like we’re losing sight of the real issue here which is that Slaves aren’t very good


I don’t remember, I assume I made the same argument that not living in dalston doesn’t really counter my position that promoters are not very good at recognising london gigs dont just serve people living in london.

I definitely had to leave that gig early to safely get the last train home, I remember it was a friday and I had to work early at waterstones the next day


found the thread, I think the consistency between my accounts 8 years apart only supports my claims


Also post a timestamped playlist for the night. That way you can turn up a minute before Creep starts and head for the tube as soon as it finishes.


oh god i made the mistake of engaging with this guy and he’s absolutely infuriating.


You’re letting having a kid prevent you from being spontaneous, maaaaan.


@lo-pan is dead…
…dead against no set times.


I mean fuck Slaves in any case but this


Sounds like revisionist bullshit to me. Maybe it was true in the 60s but I very much doubt the career of a single band has been made or broken based on how many members of the public saw them doing a support slot.

Slaves are no doubt where they are thanks to a really good manager, knowing some of the right people in the industry, putting in a fuck load of hours self-promoting and impressing some radio DJs who played their early stuff prompting people to go and see them.

Obviously all venues need stage times. It’s a tough time out there for everyone with the cost of alcohol and living, but then I am not a fan of Slaves from how they conduct themselves so this sort of attitude seems to be of a piece to me.


aye i would imagine the number of punters who stood looking bored through your support slot for a higher profile band is a less important factor than being able to tell other promoters and press that you’ve supported the band in question


I told him his attitude was very needy and entitled and his response was basically “yes, artists are needy so pander to us!”


The Richard Dawson gig a couple of years ago at Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club that finished near midnight was a particularly egregious UTR job. Definitely improved since then, though.


Just checked the Doornroosje website and they’ve got set times for every one of their events including one in November 2019. Slaves played there too. Best fucking venue.


I assume slaves won’t be playing any festivals this year then… or do they expect people to just walk around loads of fields and stumble across them?


I do love it when a band feels entitled enough to sneer and lambast people who have voluntarily given them money to be able to keep doing the thing that they love.