Set times


Been lucky enough to open for a couple of fairly big acts in my time (Twilight Sad, British Sea Power, Vaselines). Never expected a full house when supporting them and that’s exactly how it turned out. Would my band have made it any further than we did had everyone attending the gig turned up early to see us - NO.

Slaves are shite.


I remember when they put Black Dice on at Tufnell Park Dome. They didn’t come on until about half midnight, by which time most of the crowd had either left to get the last tube or were busy checking their phones to work out how to get home using the fewest possible number of buses.


Good point, and speaking as someone who has been retweeted by a number of celebrities (Eamonn Holmes, Gary Wilmot, Noel Edumnds) I also think that this statement is a bad one by a bad band.


Music should be accessible to everyone.

I like shows in Edinburgh cos they generally always finish by 10:30pm.

Got into an argument on Facebook once with Sneaky Pete’s when they booked Ryan Hemsworth to play an 11pm-2am show on a Sunday night. Terrible.


Weeknight -
8:30, 9:15, 10 or 8:30, 9:30. 11pm close latest
Weekend -
An hour later is ok.


went to see Inter Arma the other week (who were the support band) but missed them as they were on so fucking early and no one put set times up.

So yeah, fuck these guys. It’s good to know set times so you can ensure you miss shit bands like Slaves (never listened to them obviously)


Inaudible gentle chest clap is your friend here. Polite, but meaningless.


I have consciously decided not to clap if a band are particularly bad, might add a shake of the head into the mix


I remember going to a hip hop gig at Fabric many years ago and the headliner didn’t finish 'til 3am, on a weeknight! Sort of ok as I’d pretty much written off work the next day, but I could never get away with that these days.


I think if slaves got to where they are today by people supporting support bands this should act as a cautionary tale

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Fabric are one of the worst for this. They have nights where the headliner doesn’t come on until 6 and it isn’t publicised in advance.


I saw them as a support slot once. They kept yelling into the mike about how “this is a song about getting fingered behind a bike shed in Royal Tunbridge Wells!”.

Awful band.


Doesn’t the venue / promoter decide on show times and determine curfew? Surely some onus on them. Especially if the gig is going to run late.

Saw LCD Soundsystem at the Barras many moons ago and the gig started at 11 and went on till 3 but it was previously announced so could pre-arrange transport.

Common sense needed.


It was pretty bad. We arrived at 8pm I think and I ended up drinking loads because we were there for so long. I eventually decided to leave before the headliner, but was so drunk I couldn’t find my way out of the venue so just went back and found my mates. Glad I did in retrospect but I was useless the next day.


i’d be well embarrassed to support them now and would assume people were only watching me out of pity


Given the really salient points people have made here and elsewhere about how ableist this is for one thing, it’s pretty bad that DiS have endorsed this on twitter


probably been said already, but when i ask for stage times, it’s almost certainly having heard and formed an opinion about whether or not I want to see the support band. Especially if I’m going with other who for whatever reason haven’t had time to check them out, it can be really useful to be able to say straight, i want us to be there for a specific time to see them. As someone said up thread, it’s not unreasonable to expect someone to be going to a gig specifically for a support act, and not always possible to be able to get to a venue in time for doors, so access to stage times can be the deciding factor in whether to go at all.

All of that said, if you really want to help support bands, make sure they have time to do full soundchecks and that they sound as good as the main acts. No idea what Slaves are like for this, but many bands/venues/whoever makes decisions still seem to give support acts really bad levels.


I believe set times should be posted in good time before an event, no questions asked. As a venue, promoter or band you will never know the individual circumstances or commitments of the guests attending your gig, who after all are already supporting you by paying for a ticket. It’s a personal choice whether they decide to watch the whole gig, part of it, or as someone has said above, attend to watch the support band and then leave (this is more common than it might seem!), it’s almost as if they are saying you are to be held hostage all night if you are attending a gig. That’s not really fair, and quite hypocritical, most headline bands, and sometimes promoters themselves aren’t even around to watch the support bands.

Personally a lot of times I find set times useful as re-assurance that I can make the last train home.

Set times are commonplace for people attending a festival in order to schedule performances around their day, so why not gigs?


Also that the DiS account pays any heed to the band Slaves and presumably follows their twitter account. :disappointed: