Set times


what I love is when venues have earlier curfews at weekends because they’re hosting club nights afterwards. gig done by 9:45, back to Reading in time for a full sesh at the Turtle, then when that closes at 4 it’s all back to Paul’s house to keep it going until lunch. lovely job.


Agree with this, but it’s difficult further up the chain because often venues don’t open for soundcheck til 6 as standard, and often bands are coming from work so wouldn’t be able to make an earlier soundcheck anyway.

I used to put on a lot of shows and we always pushed to get earlier times for everything but it was never possible for a bundle of reasons.


loads of Glasgow venues do this midweek too as they’re all hosting student nights, it’s great! :smiley:


I’ve found a lot of bands I love by turning up early. But the main band didn’t have to trick me into doing it. If people don’t want to bother with the supports you can’t force them. If they accidentally turn up early and they’re really not bothered they’ll just spend their time at the bar or in the smoking area. Something about horses and water.

It seems to me the main problem is that Slaves have cultivated an audience that don’t really care about music all that much. Odd that.


Aye if I’m in the pub with friends beforehand it’s very useful to be able to say “support’s at 8 so we should try and get there for then”. Other than leaving everyone to guess and go “Ahh we’ve probably got time for another pint, I’d say?”


Can’t think of another art form where there’s a comparable setup. You Don’t have to sit through a lesser example of what you’ve paid to see at the theatre or a gallery. Maybe at the cinema with adverts and this pixar shorts


might as well put my support band related irk here. I dont like it when there is a sparsely populated crowd and the band on stage asks people to come forward. I think groups of humans are pretty good at arranging themselves to optimally minimise encroaching on each others space (e.g people in a lift), also when people stand further back the arc from the stage has a larger diameter and so more people can see clearly without being obstructed, as soon as people are right up close other people have to go close too for a decent view (this all depends on venue size and layout but is something that irks me at some of my local venue)


I think the answer here is proper transport systems running 24/7


As above, club nights not posting set times and then the DJ you want to see either randomly having played at midnight, when you showed up at 2, or at 6 when you’ve showed up at 12 is an utter ball ache.

As for week night things, went to see a Ross From Friends headline live show on a Thursday that was billed until 2am. Showed up at 11, thinking I’d be early, paid full price with no mention from the door, and he was finished with some no mark spinning tunes to a few people. Fucking hell.


that the dream in the week, so long as you’ve got time to get to the venue for any support acts you want to see. I did miss Tiny Moving Parts a few years ago because of an early gig i couldn’t get to.


So, in summary

  • Stage times are good

  • Slaves are bad


Ah I hate that so much. I went to a show recently where the promoter got everyone to move forward (more than once) and then started shushing people who were talking. I could have lamped him :angry:


don’t mind it if they request it and then get on with the next song but a fan of them waiting patiently for everyone to move before they continue

did see a support band get very annoyed about the crowd chatting through their set recently and even though i agreed with them, i kinda thought “ah come on lads, they’re not really here for you, i know it’s rude of them but you’re never going to win this one”


Aye used to annoy me when DHP venues in Nottingham had a strict 10pm curfew as it meant some bands couldn’t do an encore or had to cut their set, but now I think it’s great and it should be up to the band to manage it


aye, they did retweet some criticism of it later and yer man Derek has been vocally arguing against it (someone told him if he was REAL music fan he would hire a babysitter instead of looking after his child between work and the gig)

think it’s a stance that’s well meaning but ultimately naive and poorly thought through.


*not a fan, obv


i think the vibe i get from a lot of the supportive replies as well is of people that find catching a local support band at a big gig to be a magical revelation cos it’s they only time they ever see them. usually here if it’s a local support i’ve probably seen them about 15 times already.


I try and watch the supports, check them out beforehand. Have often discovered some great bands and unfortunately, been subjected to some right guff.

Not much else to add, aside from Slaves are one of the worst bands I’ve ever seen and their ‘music’ is horrible.


I just find it really handy knowing when bands are on. There have been times the venue has opened over an hour before the first band, or the headliner is on early due to a club night afterwards. Sure in the pre-internet era this may have been “fun” or led to some interesting and unexpected scenarios with random support acts or running in while they just finished the encore, but it isn’t exactly ideal. Are they hoping everyone will come in at doors open? As the more likely scenario is people will just guess and end up missing the start of the headliner’s set. I bet they don’t stand around watching each and every support band of the shows they go to, including their own.


I pitched up early to Start the Bus once for a No Age gig, took one look at the support band setting up and rightly fucked off over the road to another pub for a bit. Maybe they should stop naming the supports to keeps us on our toes.