Set times


Turn up to literally every gig at 8:45


Given the choice, would you bin off support bands for single headliner gigs?

  • Bin them off, I never watch them and don’t see the point.
  • Keep them, just because I don’t watch them doesn’t mean no-one else does.
  • I get there early and watch them, just like Slaves tell me to.

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what really really fucks me off is going to a gig and not being allowed to leave and return

if the gig is 8 till 11 you can probably arrive at half 8, leave at 11 - clearly that’s fine

at the Three Trapped Tigers gig that had shit loads of support acts recently (who were all really fucking good), the doors were officially 5 with a standard finish of 11. first act on was Adam Betts who i was determined to see.

If you’re making me stay inside the venue for 6 hours, at least make sure I don’t get super hungry and therefore more pissed

Similarly with nightclubs as noted in this thread already. No wonder people take drugs


have seen this at big outdoor gigs but never at small ones

speaking of big outdoor gigs i seriously resent having my bottle top confiscated. thanks for making me drink all my water at once and have to piss during the main set, arseholes.


the Ritz in Manchester do this, it’s dead irritating


I also heard drugs make you feel really good


Mercifully Fabric relax this for their birthday party, which goes on for 30 hours. Still don’t publish set times for it mind.


Depends who’s booking them really. If the headliner have chosen them, I’d probably give them a look. If the venue have chosen, then I’m staying in the pub.


i’d expect it at a big gig in arena where they have lots of bars and food stands

this was at tuffnell park dome!


i would bloody love to go on a night* out with you that was based around this structure

best bit of a big one is the first half an hour after you get to someone’s house where you can drink a can before they get housewarm and can enjoy the reduction in volume compared to being in the club

*and some day time


He’s amazing live isn’t he?


From now on whenever someone does the “£5 NUS at the Old Blue Last” DiSism, they have to include stage times for all the acts.


What ones are you talking about, specifically?


it’s almost the perfect in my mind. probably needs to happen on a Friday, so that, if say you wake up in bed with a load of randoms after a few hours presumed kip, and one of them makes white Russians in the rest of the bottle of kahlua they’ve got kicking around, you’ve still got a day to recover, even if your day is cut short when you fall asleep leaning over a pub table and wake up confused that it’s dark again.

And yes it has been far too long since we’ve had hangs. We need to find a Friday gig sometime and hope that the rest just falls into line.


ABC (RIP), SWG3, Art School, Garage


Went to an indie pop alldayer in Nottingham once that had an hour break for tea. Went and got chips, think @jordan_229 came with. Brilliant stuff.


On at 9


Easy as SWG3
Simple as RIP
Baby you and me girl!


he is terrifyingly good

lovely bloke too

really annoyed i never saw him playing with Squarepusher tho