Set times


i’m now going to have to follow you round the boards now to work out what gigs you’ll say yes to


The Leicester and Cambridge all dayers have dinner breaks too. Excellent.


Solid effort Icarus. :grinning::+1:


Really need to know the set times for Ought tonight because the commitments I have to living my life mean I can’t leave the house until 9:30. Can I find them anywhere? Can I bollocks.


Oh damn it I forgot this was tonight I would guess Ought are on at 9:15. I really keep forgetting about this band recently.


Yeah I have tickets but couldn’t get a babysitter. Don’t think it’ll be worth it. If only there was some way I could find out.


I also think headliners should play shorter sets


Keeps getting worse thought the Manchester gig was tonight and have spent the last hour running around. Turns out it’s tomorrow.

Never have kids they mess with your sense of time


I like it when you see Springsteen and he comes on at something daft like half 6, then you look at your watch ages later and it’s only quarter past 8 and you realise there’s basically a full normal gig to go.


Give me 90 minutes TOPS if you’ve got at least five decent albums behind you.


I’d say 75 minutes, ideally one hour


I did this on Saturday.


With an attitude like that, they’ll be a support band again soon enough.


One of the best examples of this was Gary Numan at the Battles ATP, he came on EXACTLY at his publicised time, played all the hits for PRECISELY one hour and left without a word. Tour managers should basically function as productivity managers.


depends on the band/venue/ticket price. for a big show i’d be expecting a good 90 minutes, 75 mins minimum. for a smaller cheaper show an hour is fine.


How do you know if the headliner has chosen them?


yeah, I think the big show balances out as there tends to be only one support. basically the rule should be no more than 2 hours 15 minutes of live music at any one gig


another thing that irks me at gigs is when the in-between band music is played too loud, I need a breather, and may possibly just not enjoy music that much it seems


Constant irk about bars - I didn’t come here to listen to whoevers Spotify playlist, leave me alone


Let’s just bin off music entirely