Settle a row. (rolling)


R is saying that Money by Jamelia was not a well known song. She’s full of shit right?

  • I can sing the chorus of this song.
  • Don’t know who this song is, pal.

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Use this thread to settle non-dis rows.


DiS I can’t believe you’ve done this. YOU KNOW THIS FUCKING SONG.


You hum it


I could hum the chorus, but that’s about it. I don’t think it’s that well know. Bear in mind that it came out nearly 20 years ago.


Ouch. did it? fucking hell.


wait i need vocaroo


2000? 2001, mebbes?


2000, yer spot on



Not sure I can actually think of a Jamelia song now I think about it


Listening now, have literally never heard this song in my life. Giving me nostalgia for that era though, feel like listening to Mary J Blige’s Family Affair next.


Does it go

Money don’t say you love me
Cash won’t make me stay
I came here with my own things
And I can leave the same way







I thought maybe I did perhaps vaguely know it but this humming version (in both senses of the word) has thrown me way off.


Superstar I know.
See It in a Boy’s Eyes I know.
Money: never heard of it


Never heard it


:smiley: nice.




‘Money must be funny in a rich man’s world’