Settle an argument for me. Without googling


do you know who Hilda Ogden is?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Vaguely rings a bell

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No, and having googled it, I’m at least 20 years too young for the reference.


It said without googling you absolute fucking Sparrowfart


Do birds do blow offs?

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I did things in the correct order, my conscience is clear.


Something to do with a soap maybe… 🤷


Ah it’s auntie Wainwright from Last of the Summer Wine!


I really hope so


After googling do you know who Hilda Ogden is

  • Ohh yeah
  • Still no
  • Cba googling tbh m9

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Little speed boosts whilst flying as a result of leaking out blow offs

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sorry but if you don’t know who she is then why are you alive

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who could forget her duet with David Bowie

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Eric, can birds fart?

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I can picture her vividly. Does this make me old?

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I don’t want to say yes, but… yes.

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Don’t know who she is pal


What do I look like, a bird fart expert?


No, you don’t look like a bird fart expert to be fair


That’s kind of you to say.

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Any time x

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