Settle an argument for me. Without googling

I was born when she got taken off of tv, surprised so many people know who she is

well this didn’t really settle anything

Did you make a Hilda Ogden joke to a youth and they didn’t understand the reference and now you feel a million years old, granddad?

the opposite actually, said that most 18-34s wouldn’t get a hilda ogden joke but the poll wasn’t really decisive enough either way

No idea why you’re polling on here then.

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Do you think birds can fart Epsinho?

I don’t think they can, because there’s that urban myth about putting baking powder on bread before feeding it to pigeons making them explode because they can’t fart.

I’m going to choose to assume that the kernel of truth in there is that they can’t fart and it causes them discomfort.

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(also rice makes them explode)

Thanks for this answer though. Eric could learn a lot from you.

Know that she’s an old Corrie character but too young to have seen her in action

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I wouldn’t have been able to tell you her era or what she looked like without googling though (but recognise her upon googling). In my head she was one of the really old 1960s ones

Answer here:

Is It True That Birds Can’t Fart?


My mum rang me at dinnertime today and after I finished the call my 24 yo colleague said “your mum sounds like Hilda Ogden” and everybody present laughed like they got it, and all of us are under 30.

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Did they actually get it tho

That’s peer pressure for you.

Possibly not, I don’t think she sounds that similar. Although come to think of it she did have a prolonged saga surrounding having a “feature wall” done in the living room, so there’s her Muriel.

Picture her? I went out with her for 18 months; how old does that make me??