Seven Deadly Sins Week - Gluttony

Just ate the entire box - Family Pack my arse.
I feel slight disgust at my lack of self-control.

Talk to me.


I don’t think you get that many in a pack tbh

Presumably there’s only 10? You’ll be fine.

Family of 4. 10 fingers each (not sure if thumbs count). I’m thinking there’s 40 in a pack.

Thought family just meant they were more wholesome


^Not met my family

the other day for supper I had:

2 ciders
three slices of cheese on toast
a tube of salt & vinegar pringles
about 8 mcvities chocolate digestives

still felt like eating more


Shows like Man v Food that glorify the ability to eat huge amounts of food at a single sitting

  • Harmless fun
  • Quite Offensive
  • Make me feel a bit :nauseated_face:
  • Would like to try some of the challenges

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there is no other way frankly with those tasty tasty bastards


Pringles too. Sure they have crack in them

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been trying to gain weight for a year or so & ive had to up my daily calories to 4500. doesnt feel good tbh. eating a pound of tortellini for my tea every day.

still enjoy to smash a pack of malted milks with a cup of tea ofc.

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Pretty confident I can put away 4.5K plus on a daily basis. Any tips, I’m ya boy


I really enjoyed constantly insisting that the host’s name was

Manfred Versusfood

And telling people who didn’t know me that well about something I’d seen on

The Manfred Versusfood programme

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Really wish I could eat smaller portions for dinner but any time I try I end up snacking on unhealthy stuff later to fill me up.

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I was just thinking sometimes i have such a good meal that it doesnt fill you up, it just makes you go ‘eating is great do some more of that’

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Also really enjoy the sensation of drinking. Feeling liquid in my mouth and going down my throat. Often just rattle down a pint of something in one then refill and do it, or try to do it again.

Same with some foods. Think I enjoy the texture and feeling of it more than the taste sometimes and just want that to go on as long as possible, leading to me eating as much as I can.

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