Seven Oh

I just realised it’s my mum’s 70th birthday in a few weeks time. What on earth do you buy someone for their 70th?

What on earth do you buy someone for their 70th, when they’re mostly immobile, diabetic and with failing eyesight?

Help me DiS!

(or, fill the thread with completely unsuitable suggestions. Your call)

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Mushroom log.

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Day out?

Lots of garden places are accessible, or theatre tickets?

My gran is 96 and she generally gets garden show vouchers, oil of olay, posh biscuits, hanging baskets / plants each year!

It was my mother-in-law’s 70th a couple of months back and the TV and I really struggled with what to get her. We considered theatre / show tickets and we nearly bought her a real hedgehog but we finally settled on a nice Radleigh (Radley? Idk) watch, which she liked. We had it engraved too.

Bespoke Roscoe and Marlon play


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Sadly, she’s more immobile than that and can barely make it up and down the stairs.

Biscuits / sweet things are generally out (diabetic) too

It was my mum’s 70th earlier this year. We took her to Amsterdam to look at the Rijksmuseum and I think Mrs F made her a pendant.

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How’s her hearing?

Maybe an mp3 player and some audiobooks?

She bloody loves her kindle (since she can ramp up the text size). Tempted to find out what sort she’s got and buy her a better one and a bunch of amazon vouchers.

Sounds like my father in law. We normally get him round for dinner…he doesn’t like going out really, although he likes ‘driving’ out.

By accessible I meant for wheelchairs…we take him to the odd NT place but I think he feels like he’s holding us up a lot and never really looks like he’s enjoying anything tbh, it’s difficult.

For my mum’s 70th few years ago I got absolutely hammered. Somehow managed to end up in the middle of the function room and in front of all friends and family, giving a rambling speech I have no recollection of other than saying “here’s to another 70!” . got taken back to the hotel by my wife as I was trashed while insisting “Im not drunk, it’s the noro, it’s the noro”
Don’t do that


Obligatory ‘Take her up the Oxo Tower’ response!

I was going to suggest kindle until I saw that she had one.
What about a beautiful framed photo of you and Jimbo and afternoon tea out somewhere accessible?

Doesshe have a garden- a lovely rose bush is a nice gift (although you may end u pruning it for her.)

Does she drink? If so a bottle of sherry/ whatever her tipple is and nice glasses?


It’s my dad’s 80th bash this January and if his 70th is anything to go by, I am yet again going to be the second drunkest person in the room (my sis was 1st, dad a close 3rd.)

my mum had a wheelchair for a bit after she came out of hospital, but doesn’t ever use it (maybe it got taken back?). Regardless, she shows no interest at all in going out, which makes things difficult.

For my Mum’s 60th she was adamant she would get her first tattoo so I paid for that for her.

Edit: for her 59th my Brother & Sister & I got her a tandem sky dive…if she’s going through a mid-life crisis she’s going to to live to be 120!

She has a garden, but it’s overgrown (but that’s another story). I’m about 50 miles away, so I can’t help too much on that front without neglecting Jimbo.

Anyway, I just texted my sister, and she replied back saying she thought it was next year, so it might all be academic for now…

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I reckon by the age of 70 you should have accumulated all the worldly possessions you need, just get 'em a bottle of booze and a crisp tenner to treat themselves with.