Seven Worlds, One Planet

Remember when we used to have threads about these things?

That snake in Asia was brilliant.

Not seen South America yet.

I walked past a paper in the shops yesterday that said “Adele lost weight”

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Chessington World of Adventure
PC World

Don’t think there are four more

Sorry but I’ve no idea what your talking about btw so this might not be the right thread I’m lost.

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I’ve only seen the Asia one. The snake with the spider-tail? Fucking mad.

Attenborough, carved up by continent.

Yeah that was the one. Incredible.

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I liked the lizard fight too.

Yeah they were tough little blighters. They would make good miniature pets.

Asia was better than Antarctica but that is obviously worth a watch too.

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Is there an ice level? Bang up for some ice shit lately

The first one is as icy as fuck (apart from when it is melting).

decent, i’ll give it a bash

Is it not all tinged with a sense of insuperable sadness and grief at the ongoing and impending loss of these habitats, their flora and fauna, and the greater meaning for us as people both in our breadth of experience, our shared plant, and our own survival?

Sure is Shiggsy. Snake is cool as fuck though.


Oh man

Maybe though, you would enjoy watching one tonne walruses falling down huge cliffs to their inevitable deaths?

I think I am okay

Here we go, found a bit of the snake. Not all. Just watch the first 90 seconds:

I guess it is a bit of a spoiler if you know what’s coming.


Didn’t expect to see a penguin do an explosive shit on another penguin’s head when I watched this last night. Nature is beautiful.