Severe DOMS


Did a Davina McCall workout two days ago. My quads are FUCKED. Can barely walk down steps, thought I was gonna fall down the gap getting off the train. Worried I’ve actually torn muscle.

Cheers bye.


We have already spoken about severe doms in the filth thread today


Knew this was going to be the first reply, deliberately omitted it from my post so someone had the pleasure of making the joke.

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You didn’t do the stretches properly


I’ve got stronger legs than you


Thanks mate, love low hanging fruit


This could have all gone on in the other thread :slight_smile:


Tell me about it, my core’s been a mess for days :tired_face:


Was hoping for a pizza thread


Protein shakes will help DOMS. Drink one immediately after working out. It’s not about (not) warming up, it’s just your muscles not being used to it. After a few workouts you’ll be absolutely fine.

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