Thinking of booking a few days in Seville in August cos it’s pretty cheap. Probably because it’s fucking sweltering and I’m reading that the locals bigger off to the coast.

Anyone got any suggestions of things to do?

Decent oranges


Eat at Contender…every night (you have to book in advance but can do so by email) They have a second fancier version now where you sit in a circle around the cook, looks good but pricey, the Macarena one is the original and just so good.

Get cheesecake from Red House. There’s also a nice coffee shop opposite there (ish) on Calle Regina called Cacharreria, next to a left wing bookshop, it’s really busy and tiny but good for breakfast.

Generally check out Macarena area. And prepare to be lost and to later figure out how to get to places but have to walk about a mile out of your way to get there.

And La Feria has a nice little traditional bar/cafe attached to it on the outside. Really simple but very good.

There’s also the old expo site, and in terms of tourist stuff then don’t be put off by the queues for Alcazar, it’s great.

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Oh and that gay religious bar, El Garlochi, is worth going to just to feel like you’re in a weird horror film.

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Brilliant, thanks for all the advice. Can I push my luck and ask for any general areas that are cool to head to and wander around? Get the feeling ‘all of it’ is the answer but any in particular to doss about in cool bars/parks, etc.? Or real must see areas?

Macarena is the best imo, Seville is quite quite conservative and some of can be quite traditional. I went to lots of great parks and places but with people who live there and now I cant really remember as I alwsys just tagged along.

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can’t remember any particular places - I went years ago. just get drunk on happy hour sangria in triana and eat boquerones.


is that pub crabs

actually quite close. pub anchovies

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Ahm oot

I want everything on this list.