Going to Seville. Gonna have about a day and a half there. What should I look at?

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that park where they used bits of it for star wars (plaza de espana) and parque de maria luisa
nice church thing
royal palace
la giralda
the setas structure thing
2 decent football grounds


Perfect, that’ll do it, cheers mate

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I found the Camera Obscura and the old Expo site worth a trip, too

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Go to the Irish bar in the square and sing united songs

I’m not going to do that I don’t think, its not really my vibe but thank you for the suggestion nonetheless x

Are you going for united though?

Yeah, thats the plan, mate

Police in seville are absolute cunts mate.
Go to the ground in a crew

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This is good advice, thanks. Will be my first Euro away and I do remember it getting a bit moody there so will try not to be too naive about it all out there but, on the other hand, quite want to be able to just wander about on my own…

Some of my mates are going and they just like going for a nice meal and beers away from the crowd pre match and I can hook you up if you want. I’ll pm you tomorrow

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Triana’s the best place for a bit of traditional Sevilla - nice food, little bars, etc. Santa cruz is also a really nice area for having a look around, and is close to the cathedral which is worth a look at.

Benito Villamarin is a bit dodgy, and so are Betis fans, so wouldn’t wear any club colours going to the stadium. I doubt you would for an away game tho.

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Had no idea about the star wars thing. Googled it and this tourist photo has done me a bit


Loved Seville when I went.


If you like your weird stuff, seconding the old expo site (Cartuja) and the giant Columbus egg.

The Alcazar is definitely worth seeing.

Alameda Hercules had a load of nightlife stuff.

Some cool old sherry bars dotted about

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This looks good, is it a case of just going there and wandering about or is it something you have to book or have a tour of or something?

No special arrangements required, a couple of bits are fenced off but otherwise you’re free to wander round. There’s a bunch of offices and cafes and stuff as well as the weird expo relics, so it’s not a total no-go zone.

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Modern art museum is cool, is quite out of the way though and was eerily empty when i went

Mainly just a great city to wander around in aimlessly though. Walk around the centre, along the water, to the Sevilla stadium etc and stop for snacks every hour

Most of all please remember to have a nice time

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Eat at Contenedor pleeeeeeeeeeaae. Think theyve got a 2nd fancy one now but the one in macarena is the one :heart: plus that’s a good area for bars and stuff and la feria is that way woth a nice fresh fish market bar.

There’s that gay bar everyone likes with a creepy painting of the duchess of alba and near las cetas theres a cool bar called red something. Hmm i cant remember but think I’ve posted about it before…

Oh yep here you go, even signed it off with the same good luck with maps warning


Oh and good luck following any maps or thinking you can quickly get from point a to point b lolololoooooool