How come? I love getting from point a to point b easily by walking so this might be frustrating…

Well their official maps have south at the top as they think it looks nicer, and well, it’s just like no direct routes to things - oh 1 minute as the crow flies? Sorry, 36 minute detour for you!

It’s nice though, as long as you’re not in a hurry, the streets are lovely and some aren’t so bad.


(this is also based on me wandering aimlessly and getting lost everywhere so it’s probably only like a few minutes more than it needs to be)

Don’t think there’s been a city that I’ve ever enjoyed wandering semi-aimlessly around as much tbh. Some good ‘sights’ a number of which have been listed here, but especially if you’re only there for a bit then just having a mooch around different areas and old streets is really good fun.

On a completely different vibe, the Metropol Parasol is gloriously stupid and worth a look


If you like art but have limited time (as we did) don’t bother with the Museum of Fine Arts - it’s underwhelming. Really wish we’d just spent more time wandering around aimlessly.

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Reckon I’ll go there next.