Sewing thread (rolling) 🧵

Do you sew?

Are you learning/planning on learning?

Post things you’ve made/are making and talk about sewing here

Let’s also count cross stitch, embroidery etc as those are a kind of sewing too

Here is something I made recently to get us started - it’s a Tilly & the Buttons Indigo dress. I would recommend TATB patterns to anyone who is new to sewing (although they do almost exclusively womenswear at the moment)


I love that fabric so much! I missed out on nabbing myself some when it came out earlier this year.

I’m currently working on a true bias Shelby! In floral from Rainbow Fabrics in Kilburn

Just needs sleeves, hemming and the buttons!


I loved it so much I think I ended up getting it imported from ireland. I bought the blue/black colourway too but haven’t used it yet.

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Hexagon quilt I’m slowly piecing together by hand. It’s made of offcuts and worn out clothes. I cut out the pieces a few years ago when I was recovering from a bad bout of shingles, and I’ve been on and off sewing them together since the spring. Still a long way to go until I have a king-sized bedspread however (although all the hexagons needed are made up now- just need to sew them into the pattern)


Nice! Is it scrap fabric or did you buy it especially? I’ve never tried quilting but it appeals as a way to use up scraps - although I don’t know how well it works if you aren’t using quilting cotton

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No I didn’t buy any of the fabric- it’s all scraps and old clothes. I’m actually quite anti buying new fabric for making patchwork- I think it’s not in the right sprit.


Ah, here’s some info about what the various fabric is from when I cut it out. I also unpicked the original quilt and used the purple fabric to make plain purple hexagons too.


I haven’t sewn any clothes this year even though it seems like I have the perfect opportunity, because I’ve had some health issues and lots of inflammation, which has made my weight go up and down from day to day, and also made anything fitted really uncomfortable. I’ve got enough sweatpants and pyjamas to wear for the time being, and no motivation to sew more. I’ve got enough nice clothes in my wardrobe that I can’t currently wear.

I love everything you turn your hand to, and how you record it all too (also, what a babe of a cat you have!)

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The Siamese cat? Afraid he died a couple of years ago :confused:

I have a rescue Bengal cat now though

He is also very helpful


Oh and here is a portion of the old quilt framed on the wall


That’s lovely

I like embroidery. I made this a couple of years ago. I added something every day until it looked like this. I try to do a project every year but I always have lots of mini projects on the go.


That’s a really nice idea! I’m now tempted to do something similar for next year. How big is it? Were you worried about running out of space/not filling it up at any points?

This is so cool!!

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I’ve got the same Esther McManus print :blush:

Did you get it from Pick Me Up?

No, I bought it from her Etsy shop I think.