Sewing thread (rolling) 🧵

There are probably easier 2nd projects than a hoodie, but if you go for it, be aware that sweatshirt fabric is supposed to be prone to shrinking so definitely one to machine wash the fabric before use. If you can find a pattern that doesn’t have set-in sleeves that will prob help too because they are a ballache. Good luck!

@AutumnBeech I’m not precise either and I’ve made clothes that are at the very least wearable. You can do it!


What other projects would you recommend? Thought about trousers /joggers, are they any easier? I’m quite particular about what i wear on my legs though

I’m also gonna make some cushion covers but i think I’ll do that on my friend’s machine

Stretch or knit fabrics are more challenging to sew than most woven non-stretch fabrics, because they can distort when you lay them out flat for cutting, then again while you cut them, then again when you sew them. Woven cotton is probably the most stable thing to cut and sew. I’ve rarely attempted stretch fabrics myself and am not at all confident with them.

To make a hoodie there are a few techniques you’d probably need, and they’re probably a bit much to learn all in one go:
Cutting more, larger pattern pieces
Cutting and sewing more complex shapes
Sewing thick fabrics
Cutting and sewing stretch fabrics
Sewing a zip (if applicable)
Sewing a zip on stretch fabric

So probably something that picks up one or two of those skills at a time. I’m struggling here trying to avoid recommending anything too boring (an apron) or not of use to you (a skirt)!

I don’t think jogging bottoms would be easier than a hoodie, and trousers with non-stretch fabrics add a different problem, which is getting them to fit well.

Maybe a tshirt, particularly one with drop sleeves (i.e. no curved armholes or curved sleeve head, all rectangles except the neck hole)?

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I don’t make trousers as a rule really as I am very fussy about fit and feeling.

Basic t-shirts are pretty “easy” if you wanna get into stretch. I’d always vote for quilting. I’m a bit over making clothes after a series of fails so gonna go back to quilting over the winter. It’s very therapeutic.

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I’ve never attempted quilting but I’m always saving all my offcuts for this mythical quilt that I’m always “going to make”. One day…

I liked doing this, and i like how the imperfections suit the design


This is amazing, questions questions…

Did you draw out the design first on the canvas?

What will you use it for?

Just popped it in a frame in the kitchen (need to take it out and iron it). Its gone on my wall of Bryony Jackson art as it has a similar vibe.

It was a kit! So had the design on it already, I’m not creative enough to design something like that but in the past yes, i draw onto canvas - I’ve done it with pencil but it never seems to come off and I’ve got a fabric pen too that disappears if you wash it. Either draw straight in or trace it over a light box (sheet of perpex over my table lamp)

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