Sex Robots

Did anyone else watch Newsnight last night and see the absolutely 100% bizarre discussion about sex robots? Part of me thought I’d entered a weird lucid dream involving Kirsty Wark, but no, it was actually on TV, three people talking about sex robots WHICH DO NOT ACTUALLY EXIST IN THE SENSE THEY WERE TALKING ABOUT THEM.

Admittedly there was a better discussion about whether having sex with a child “robot” could lead to real life child abuse, but most of the chat was just pure batshit.

I was too busy fingering my sex robot.

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think that was a dream you pervert

I saw newsnight and there was just shit about brexit and public sector workers.

They’ve already covered this in Netrunner.

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This has just reminded me about Metal Fingers in My Body by Add (n) to (x) which I’m not going to post as I seem to remember it’s fairly nsfw


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I don’t want to get into a debate about robot consent so I’m going to stop talking now.


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Aha, apparently there was some report that prompted it:

Was it off the back of this?

yeah, read this yesters

pretty much sums it up


Anything to do with this?

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There was an article about this on the other day

Watched about 2-3 minutes before coming to the conclusion the guy was incredibly creepy.

At least it wasn’t in a sex robot!!


I watched some of that Guardian video yesterday

  • CEO type guy of doll/ robot company was v creepy (not helped by the pictures he had on the walls of his office).

  • guy with a doll wife - felt bad for him, but also quite creepy

Kind of harboring my doubts about sex robots leading to any significant changes in gender relations.

The author seems to have taken a look at breitbart and reddit and heard some folks, who I’d say were largely misogynist or at the very least anti-feminist and extended their viewpoints to society as whole.

There’s definitely something to be gained from analyzing their viewpoints but the fact that this has received so little mainstream coverage makes me ponder whether sex robots will gain any real traction outside of relatively fringe groups.