Sex Robots

Lynn, these are sex robots.


Might license my likeness to a sex robot company, then all of you lucky people out there could be having sex with a robot version of me (which will probably be much better than the actual me).

Actually, would sex robots want to have sex with each other? This could lead to a whole new level of rejection.


I’d fuck a robot, why not.

Genuinely think this one’s going to run and run. Key thing is going to be what price point they’ll ultimately available at as to whether or not they’ll take off as a mass market proposition.

@moderators - we’ve found @GEOFF’s tagline - make it so.

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Seems a bit wordy as a tagline IMO.

Very on brand, though.

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In the future everyone will be 3D-printing them*, and they’ll be based on photos of their friends, so you’ll go on a surprise visit to someone and see that they’ve 3D-printed replicas of everyone they know to have sex with. It’ll be super creepy (this could be the basis of the screenplay I’ve always wanted to write, now that I think about it).

*No, I don’t really know what 3D-printing is or how it works, but neither does anyone else.


robots are people too guys



Would you bang a robot?

  • Sex machina
  • Just a Pacific Rim
  • Robo-nope

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RoboCop off


It’s probably for the best that those people who are super into the sex robot idea keep their hands off other humans.

On the other hand, there might be more of those out there than you think. In my short attempt at internet dating in London I met a fair few men who it seems no actual human could have pleased. Guys who seemed like perfectly reasonable human beings via message, and we would arrange to go out for a drink, and then they’d go on about how much they prefer blonde hair normally (when I have brown hair), or try to make out you were grossly overweight or they don’t like your outfit or whatever stream of nasty little marks.

I dunno what they were expecting? Me to apologise for not having blonde hair? Burst into tears so they could feel like a big strong man who had demolished someone’s confidence?

(My actual solution was to go home disgruntled and wish I’d stayed in and read a book or something as a better use of my time)

Those guys as well seem like the audience for ordering up a custom-built robot who can fulfil every single one of their impossible checklist. (Maybe with a selection of wigs too).

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It’s staggering to me that people would behave that way. Is it a bewilderingly weird sense of entitlement or part of a campaign of negging that they they is going to reduce you to state of grateful compliance?

Just can’t imagine being so rude and unpleasant.


Yeah me too. Which is why I didn’t bother any further.

I guess as well it’s a probability thing. Those guys are the most likely to be available for a date, as they manage to be civil/not creepy in messages so they get the date, but then can’t even manage to behave like a person, so no-one wants to see them again.

I’d hope not anyway.

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I think people think there’s no consequences, it’s all online, but unless you live somewhere that’s huge like London, you’re gonna bump into those people in future, so treating them like crap will have consequences.

(Even in London you bump into people)

I actually do have blonde hair and someone I went out with last year berated me for having roots. I walked out (after downing my drink first obvs).

These people don’t deserve sex robots.


I got told an almost identical story by someone else who showed up to a date, where the guy basically criticized her about her looks for the entirety of the date.

It’s incredibly bizarre rather than just leave he for some reason thought he was doing her a service by letting her know what he thought…for about three hours.

Not sure if it was an attempt at “negging” or people really do just lack any empathy when it comes to dating.

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