Sex Robots

Yeah one of the things on the checklist that I apparently “fail” at is not having blue eyes. Apparently they are “so much” more attractive.

Mentioned this to a friend who has blue eyes and she was “WTF? No-one ever really mentions them to me.”

‘I keep tellin’ ya, I just make servers here’

‘uh huh. And where are the sex robots?’

‘round back’


Had the same once but got negatively compared to the guy’s ex who dumped him. Apparently she is the perfect woman?

Run, run, run.

Can we hunt it down and kill it?


i guess they were expecting you to fancy them and it’s disturbing to think that they’re almost certainly doing the same thing over and over again on any other dates they go on

funnily enough i actually walked past someone talking about exactly this in our office about 20 minutes ago

Like the thing is that I liked the look of them enough to go out for a drink, and all they had to do was be nice and a decent human being.

Why shoot yourself in the foot?

I have also encountered a weird attitude that women who are interested must be desperate/have something wrong with them, and only women who aren’t interested are of any value. A nasty weird way of externalising poor self-esteem.

these likes are for the rebellious disregard for java class naming convention, cool stuff

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i think that they believe that the same is the case for men - so they have to appear disinterested, while also breaking the woman’s self esteem to the point she’ll admit she likes them


a bizarre combination of poor self esteem and arrogance maybe?


Sex 'bot, sex 'bot, you’re my sex 'bot???

This all sounds grim and awful, frankly.

Saw it, which is weird because I hardly ever see “live tv” these days. There seemed to be a bit of bad blood between them.

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I wouldn’t want to be with anyone who would have me