Sex toys designed for men

Obvs I don’t care who is using them once bought.

Anyone here have any? Does a Fleshlight work as a torch also, or is it named as such merely because of its shape?

I’ve got an electric toothbrush, but am concerned about the hygiene, so it remains disconnected from my genetalia.

In america they call torches flashlights. So it’s a kind of pun. I doubt they are dual purpose. Balonz to confirm.

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You can just put a sex toy for women up your bum


What if I want to stimulate my wil*y instead / as well?


you can put anything up your bum if you put your mind to it


I prefer to use household objects for an extra thrill so no idea.

My wife’s mate’s son found her ‘naughty bag’ earlier this week.


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Can someone (a mod) make this meowington’s tagline text or whatever you call it.

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I read a review of a handheld blowjob machine once where the guy said it was so good it had “put him off the real thing”.

So if I’m single again I reckon I’ll just drop £70 on one of them and dedicate the rest of my life to pursuing my penoid hobbies.


jama? I can!

What is in a naughty bag?

you can say that again!

do it yourself you lazy git

I believe all sorts of things. This woman is particularly insatiable. I didn’t ask for the contents.

I meant hypothetically.


Maybe she is related to this lady:


chinny reckon