Sexta-feira morning thread


I have terrible period pains and can’t sleep. Any help with that would be appreciated.


Been having the urge to play guitar recently


I’m so tired I misread the thread title and thought briefly it was about a new Sky Ferreira album.


Knackered and I had yesterday off. Yo la Tengo tonight with a possible pint with @marckee and others.


Still wrecked with flu but am at work :frowning:


Where bounce you seeing ylt?


I was making coffee for the TV this morning and hanging out with these two. Managed to get them to stay still for a second for photos.




Ooh swish. Jealous.


Yeah, can’t wait. I am much excite


Enjoying this gem from my local tattoo parlour’s insta:


Urgh. Tonight I’m staying in a Travelodge on my own before a 400km bike ride tomorrow. Kind of bricking it. Slept terribly as a result. Sure I’ve forgotten to pack something.


Wait, what? Is that the same hand or do they just specialise in thumb ghouls?


Been up since four cos my brain decided it was time to wake up and start worrying about literally everything. On the plus side it’s friday and it’s a beauty of a morning in Brighton.


Took me a moment cause their thumb must be rly long but they bent it in the 2nd one


That it is. Shame I have to drive 40 miles to work now.


Same hand bent at the last joint, I think.


no. that’s too big.


Still off. Slept on the couch upright to help, it kinda did but also didn’t. Ugh. This has bee constant stomach cramps, blinding ones, for 5 days straight. Jesus christ.


I’m on a train
I can’t complain