Sexual innuendo or not?


“Swifts or Swallows?”

  • Innuendo
  • A simple question about bird recognition

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“hose out my gutter”

  • Necessary task to avoid blockages
  • Absolute filth

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“Get your laughing gear around my knob”

  • An offer from a friend to hang your clown outfit from the door handle in their home

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“How’s your father”

  • A kindly and thoughtful inquiry as to the health of your Dad
  • My mind is in the gutter (unhosed)

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Rim Runners

  • An enjoyable yet frustrating track on Micro Machines Turbo Tournament V2
  • Getting the head of your penis and using it to circle the anal opening of your partner prior to penetration

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  • I don’t find sexual innuendos chucklesome
  • In YOUR end tho

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Was this the bathtub one? Reckon I would wreck it now, but as a youngster I was far too impatient and often overshot the mark.

Thread for posts that are funnier out of context

A “stiffy”

  • It’s the 60’s or the Beano or whatever and I’ve put too much starch in the wash and my shirt is now rigid
  • An erect penis

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That was bathtub burnoff, this was the bog.



“I’m so wet”

  • It must have been raining heavily outside, can I offer you a hot bath and a towel?
  • Something else

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“tongue and groove”

  • a pleasant woodworking term
  • slide into my DMs

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“My gash is dripping”

  • I’ve cut myself badly and there is blood coming from the wound
  • image

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“Just coming!”

  • The thing you shout from your bedroom when a parent has shouted “TEA’S READY” up the stairs
  • The thing you say when you ejaculate in or around your partner

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ant can you please record single sentence recordings of you saying all these things uncomfortably on vocaroo pls




Kola Superdeep Borehole

  • It’s a deep hole the Russians dug for some reason
  • Go on…

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Not for anything less than £500


Just picture this hot mofo sweetly whispering them into your shell-like:



Beast with two backs

  • Bactrian camel
  • Peno

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just googled and this actually works. me rn: