SFPP and other evening topics

Hi team. Waiting in a pub in St Albans for a friend to arrive and then British Sea Power to play some songs. Looking forward to it.

Have a spare ticket if anyone can make it here in the next 90 minutes or so as well.


Near the end of pint one. Worried that if I go get a second I’ll lose my seat… What to do…


Standard Friday Pizza Protocol, as put in place by @anon89873996



I’ll risk it in a couple of minutes.

Beats GDPR hands down


I’ve been away for a while, and none of the mods did a proper back-to-work interview with me :frowning:


debating whether or not to fuck off out of town for the weekend, or stay and do my own thing. one would be really awkward, the other maybe quite mean?

gonna have such a nice strop - haven’t had one in years. gonna be so good.

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What if you’re having like 3 slices of potentially unsafe to eat cheesecake instead of pizza? Could have cheese on toast tbf which is nearly pizza.

I am packing some stuff for the weekend (mostly for friend’s wedding) and heading off to Cambridge tonight. Going to introduce my friend (not involved with the wedding in any way, just using him to avoid paying for accommodation) to the masterpiece that is Mike Bassett England Manager.

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Going to make a nourishing noodle soup then go for an all nighter at Hyde Park Picture house. #LeedsInternationalFilmFestWanker2018

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I miss pizza :frowning:

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going out for some vietnamese food :yum:


It was in the work fridge with a dodgy seal for a few days. Does taste a little bit strange but I think it’s edible.

Seal on the door

Not the marine creature

  • Stay
  • Fuck off

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she who dares wins, pervo

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Haven’t seen BSP in many years… 10 maybe? Habe a good time. @anon76851889

Pizzas in the oven for SFPP, hungry. In a loop of doing the circus music for R, he keeps asking “again!” :circus_tent:

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You’re never going to survive unless you get a little bit crazy


Ah possibly.

In any case: I’m not having pizza as (a) I’m still on the way back from work (b) there’s some pasta waiting for me at home and (c) I won’t get to eat it until I’ve done a whole load more food prep for tomorrow. Someone tell me it’s all going to be alright.