SFPP and other evening topics


oh, right now i’m literally just looking and longing cos i’m not working atm and have no money!


Just had to ring 111 as the baby has an awful cold and can’t breathe when she’s on her back. She can’t cough up the mucus or breath through her nose and when I found her, she sounded like she was choking. Been given an emergency appointment for the morning. Fucking hell.


gonna get some supper



hope everything’s ok, pal :hugs:


shit man is she doing any better now?

Thought are with you :hugs:


She’s asleep on her front atm. Just scary hearing somebody who can’t look after themself struggling to breath.


yeah definitely can imagine it’s very frightening but you did the right thing and good that you’ve got an appointment for the morning


That is scary mate, hope the night goes okay and the appointment tomorrow.




If that guy didn’t cheer you up kermie, I don’t think anything will x


Don’t be worried about just going into a and e if you need overnight.


got an email from DiS about @Lo-Pan’s inappropriate socks post


The encore felt very phoney and made me feel quite sad? Lots of projections of Ian everywhere while they played Love Will Tear Us Apart and it felt really crass.


He’s so soft, I like holding his foot :blush:

Thread for posts that are funnier out of context

I guess seals are used to the cold whilst making love for days on end.




I don’t even think you’re in the top twenty.


so I did have a shower but, as a compromise, I didn’t wash my hair.

I feel this was the best decision cause it means I can wash my hair this morning and can let it dry naturally