SftMB Bond

Sat here watching Spectre with my folks. S’alright.

Anyway, two questions:

Who do you think will do the next Bond theme?

Who would you like to do a Bond theme?

Personally I’ve always thought Muse would do a decent hilariously overblown one. Maybe Soulwax? That’d be decent. They’ve had a few that were just cracking voices in a row, would like to see a band effort.

Hit me with your Bondage DiS.

Watched it t’other night. It was shite, even more so than most Bond films.


Bond theme: meh, but maybe some big indie band.

Who is like to do a Bond theme: thought Grails had that sound nailed on Deep Politics

I just realised the correct answer to my own thread.



Probably Ed Sheeran


Yeah, this or Goldfrapp.

Put Bond out of its.misery (never seen it)

F#cking hell no.

Amy Winebar’s “Love Is A Losing Game” would have made a great theme for Casino Royale. Anything other than another Adewwe manglish catastrophe.

They usually ask a few bands to knock up a bond theme and then pick one, don’t they? That’s how that radiohead one came about, then they picked sam Smith instead. Same thing happened to Pulp as well, they did one for Tomorrow never dies that didn’t get used.

Reckon they’ll ask Sheeran to do one for sure, maybe the arctic monkeys if they’re feeling adventurous.

It’s not going to happen in a million years but I’d love to hear Feist do a Bond theme.

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Given they turned down Radiohead I’d guess Muse aren’t any more likely in terms of their appeal to young people.

They’ll probably cast Jared Leto in the next one so they can get Thirty Seconds to Mars or whatever to record the theme.

Godspeed? Interesting choice, could work.


Social for the Music Board…but we’re on the Social Board?

Reckon they’ll ask Big Shaq to do it, in an attempt to keep up with the cultural zeitgeist.


This is what happens when I try to do things.


have only just remembered that garbage did a bond theme!!! Mad. Oofftt and Cheryl crow!

Tina was the best tho :blush:

I think I’d like deerhoof to give it a bash. Because it would be… interesting. Twill be someone I’ve never heard of probably tho.

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get bjork to do one


wasn’t bachelorette meant to be one at some point?

didn’t know that. definitely sounds like it.

I might have just made that up, but I’m sure I read that at some point