Sgt Pepper 50th Anniversary splurge

6 disc box set! Mono remix! Stereo remix! 150 page book! Etc!!

The ‘Fabs’ don’t usually go in for this sort of thing, i mean there have been re-issues over the years but they’ve been pretty sparse considering this is, like, The Beatles.

Also there’s a new documentary on the way…

What say you DIS Beatles-lovers??

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A picture of Fry from Futurama holding a wad of cash, captioned appropriately.


Not their best album imo


What is?

I like Abbey Road.


I’d have to say, The Best of the Beatles


I’ve got the album on a reissued LP from like the 80’s so I might fall for the 2-disc version.

Speaking of vinyl it’s weird how all the deluxe editions are CD only eh

also I’m all for this. There’s loads of Beatles stuff out there but I find them so fascinating


Hmmm… It’s good for the collectors, but the tracklisting of each release isn’t going to inspire many others. The album was only recently remastered and those alternate takes are hardly exciting. I’ll definitely give the documentary a look though.

Alright since you asked I think this album is a phenomenal technical achievement but a lot of the songs are meh. Having said that, the best songs on SPLHCB show that particularly Beatlesy trick of being ridiculously well written and catchy while also being pretty dark and weird.

A Day in the Life is about as perfect as it gets.

Within Without as a piece of music is beautiful.

Help from my friends is a sweet tune, a comforting arm around the shoulder. Ringo sells it, and his drumming is almost perfect throughout the album.

Lucy in the Sky is obviously lovely but slight.

Fixing a Hole has a great bass part and melody.

Mr Kite is madness. Absolutely love this song.

Really can’t be fucked with 64 and She’s Leaving Home.


rarely go back to this album anymore. seems a bit excessive… surely there’s enough copies out there as it is

i spelt anniversary wrong in the title, my bad. can i change that? or can you not edit thread titles?

How dare you ignore Lovely Rita


Magical Mystery Tour

resissues are basically shit and pointless yeah?!

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I’ve a short list of albums I’d like to be reissued with less tinny mixes.

you fuckin would!! :wink:

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astonishingly poor mic technique from george at 0:40 of the trailer there

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She’s Leaving Home is great


It’s a heart of stone that doesn’t break for ‘She’s Leaving Home’ - ‘Picks up the letter that’s lying there, standing alone at the top of the stairs…’.
Agree on the others though. Not my favourite album of theirs, I’d put Revolver, Hard Day’s Night and Rubber Soul above it, but it’s still amazing.