Shag Marry Kill

  • David Platt,Huw Edwards,Gary Lineker
  • Huw Edwards,David Platt,Gary Lineker
  • Gary Lineker,David Platt,Huw Edwards
  • David Platt,Gary Lineker,Huw Edwards
  • Huw Edwards,Gary Lineker,David Platt
  • Gary Lineker,Huw Edwards,David Platt

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Permutations generator:

David Platt the footballer


David Platt off Corrie

David Platt off Corrie

Just realised my answer would be the same either way


It’s nice to be sure though isn’t it?


Pretty clear cut this really?

Thanks for asking as I assumed it was the footballer and have now had to change my answer as I have no idea who David Platt off Corrie is. Killing a stranger probably easier…

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David Platt would make a good spouse.

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Footballer or Corrie person? Or both?

Corrie. Not sure about the footballer.

Shag Gary, he’s probably still up to the task. Marry Huw, a clearly lovely man (who hopefully wouldn’t make me move house). Kill the Corrie character.


actually, it’s marry Gary isn’t it?

really depends on Huw’s libido, tbh, but you have to think if there is to be lots of further shagging, go with the most shaggable

I’d marry Huw but on the condition that we keep things open and get Gary involved at any opportunity sex-wise.


damn, that’s a huge shout.

I guess I just figure Huw as being a bit old-fashioned, despite being up-to-date on polyamory and etc through his jobs as Mr. Current Affairs.

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Would quite liked to live in Bari, tbh

Definitely enjoys a bit of slap and tickle.

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  • Gregg Wallace,John Torode,Marcus Wareing
  • John Torode,Gregg Wallace,Marcus Wareing
  • Marcus Wareing,Gregg Wallace,John Torode
  • Gregg Wallace,Marcus Wareing,John Torode
  • John Torode,Marcus Wareing,Gregg Wallace
  • Marcus Wareing,John Torode,Gregg Wallace

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Not proud of that

I mean, is three killings an option?