Shakespeare: The Thread

You all know him. The Big Bard. This is not a regular How Good Are They Really for Literature because we really don’t need any more of that at the moment, but let’s chat about Stratford’s most famous son, after all, it was his birthday (and death day!) yesterday.

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Here’s a discussion point to begin with: Anyone who thinks his plays were actually written by the Earl of Oxford / Francis Bacon etc are classists who refuse to accept someone from a humble background could become a preeminent writer.


They weren’t even alive at the same time hahaha

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reminds me of annoying people on my gap year

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Fun fact: much like most citizens before 1838, no-one really knows precisely when Shakespeare was born. The only comparable records from that time are baptisms - Shakey was baptised on 26th April 1564 but there’s no indication of how many days/weeks/months old he was by that point.


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which play was that?

Despite the ribbing we give him I believe @xylo is entirely correct about the tongue comment.

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taming of the shrewbie


great ear for a sonnet


What about the ones that think Marlowe wrote them all? Got a mate who’s big into this theory. Sounds plausible after several ciders but I can’t remember the particulars apart from him faking his own death. Love a good death faking conspiracy, me.

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Absolutely beautiful

This for a start:
Words and Phrases Coined by Shakespeare

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I don’t like it when books get turned into plays so for that reason “Ahm Oot”

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More exciting

  • William “willy shaker” Shakespeare
  • Michael Bay

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what if a book’s already a play

What about a PLAYBOOK?


Can you give me an example?


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