Shall I get the flu jab at work?


I’ve had it the last few years but I’m wondering if it’s messing with my karma…

Would you get the flu jab if it was free and convenient?

Annual Flu Jab Thread Tracker

My work also offers this, I’ve never taken them up on it


why not?


10 minutes away from the desk innit. No brainer


Can’t be arsed mate, only have an injection if it’s totally necessary.

Flu Jab

Suffered worst the one year I had the jab. Never took it again. Might be useful for older people or pregnant women.

Not for me, Clive


It’s a nasal thing now. Not vegetarian which is why I don’t have it, that and I very rarely get flu or colds :muscle::muscle::muscle:


Baffles me why they’d make something like this with an animal-based product in it. Just seems mean (a bit like putting gelatin in marshmallows)


Get mine free cos I’ve got asthma and that.

Thanks for reminding me to get one booked.


I’m having a nice Quorn flu jab for my dinner tonight in a spicy tomato cajun sauce, orange peppers and mushrooms in a tortilla wrap with mayonnaise.


Never had a flu jab. Also never had the flu, that I know of.

Mrs HYG had a flu jab with some other stuff thrown in the other week, totally destroyed her, headaches, dizziness, she had three days off work.

In summary: dunno.


Yep. Bought vegetarian marshmallow over the summer for BBQ reasons…SO expensive! But nice. Should try making my own really…


The other college I worked at offered it to staff and I always got one because teenagers are filthy. I now have to go to my doctor which is a pain but I still go because teenagers are still filthy.


you don’t want to take an injection for something you’ll never get


Flu jab is not about protecting healthy young people, it’s about stopping the spread tocthose with compromised immune systems. So whenever someone says “I don’t get it done, I’m alright Jack” they’re only thinking of themselves.


last year was the first that I didn’t take them up on their offer I think (I think i was away when the injection was happening)


well then I’m fucking with their karma - even worse! I’m not getting it


There’s a massive attack song about this


I hope you’re not implying that I am thinking of others by getting it done…


Mate, you’re a modern day Saint, like it or not