Shall I turn the heating on tonight?

  • Yes
  • No

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Gone for a ‘No’ here Lonzy, you might have got a different answer form ‘Mornings Only’

Depends how much of a pennypinching cunt you are really

if it was just you, I’d say no way. but you’ve got kids and what have you

so yes way

It is at my wife’s request. Bear in mind she has to put up with me.


can’t speak for your area of the country, but only going to get down to about 9 degrees tonight. Got down to 3 last night.

So no to tonight, but yes for yesterday night.

Good night.

then turn the heating on Ebeneezer!

Yeah. I left the house at 6.30 this morning (I hope you all noticed I was away) and had to de-ice my windscreen!

cold wife/husband/partner/cat appeasement tactic: don’t leave the bathroom window open all night.

Edit: you hyphen cunt!

i’ve still to premiere my new wood burning stove, think i’m still a couple of weeks away

cos stone cold sean says so


Our flat is fucking freezing. Completely forgot how horrible it is over the summer.

Good job we have an eviction date for the people in the flat we’re buying, isn’t it, then? :worried:

Our heating came on for the first time last night.

Sub-thread: Do you have a thermostat, and what is it set to?

Ours is at 18.5 degrees.

man! that sounds sweet

No keep thinking of getting one (maybe Nest) but will probably wait until this boiler packs in.

looking forward to get it fired up, haha fired up.

Sub Thread : How inexplicably complicated and fiddly is your central heating programmer? Our current one is a nightmare.

  • It’s fine actuallly
  • Yeah it’s a bit complicated mate.
  • It’s a nightmare, a bit like yours I guess.
  • Other (please specify)

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I hope no-one saw that I tried to post this as a new topic. Think I’ve styled it out.

We didn’t go with Nest, or one of the other types.

We’ve just got a Worcester Boiler programmer (Greenstar Comfort I) with wireless thermostat, so no app or anything.