Shall we have a thread where we ask if things are weird/not OK or actually fine? POLLS

I mean I wouldn’t do it myself because it sounds like a lot of effort, but sure.

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I do it all the time so just think it’s fine on some level, but also think it’s weird so :man_shrugging:

I do essentially this but on the internet.


Lock them up and throw away the quay

This thread has gone from Want to Want Me to gravy on fish and chips, it’s amazing how the ultimate good can rapidly metamorphosise into the ultimate evil.

You’re agreeing that want to want me is a banger? :smiley:

:notes:It’s too hard to sleep
I got the sheets on the floor, nothing on me… :notes:


Yeah, totally, summer 2015 was the last time the charts had actual massive pop tunes in them rather than sleeping pills. That, Black Magic, Not Letting Go, Runaway (U and I), the superlative Cool For the Summer and many more…

I don’t think I know Letting Go or Runaway… Who are they by?
But agree on the other bangers!

Maybe the only great thing Jess Glynne’s ever done, but everyone’s capable of five minutes of great pop.

Will watch these later and report back, thanks!

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