shall we play GeoGuessr?

Fucked it with the Nigeria one

Times Square was pretty helpful for 5,000 points! Russia is dead annoying. Always clearly Russia but that doesn’t really help

I just did one. Don’t know which one. Got two of them within 200 miles, but rather let down by confusing China and Japan and more damagingly Canada and France.

Just got 2 absolute gimmes in a round. Rome and Barcelona (happened to be the roundabout where the marathon started too so got it bang on)

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Pretty annoyed with myself on this one from not zooming in enough to pick the correct spot as I immediately knew it was xian city walls

first one is broken obviously. was an innocuous rainy European street, not the arctic ocean.

Sau Paulo one had a sign saying what city it was

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did one earlier and it was just loads of different motorways, don’t think i got any in the right continent

You can move around a bit to find road signs and that

Just got 8 points for one guess, which i think means i basically got the other side of the planet.

Some of them you can. Some of them you can’t. The website is very confusing and it’s a fucking cheek to attempt to charge people to use it.

few of them where i couldn’t even move
did it again, think i got the same barcelona one as you. should’ve guessed new york area instead of randomly dumping it somewhere in the US

got one that was fucking Fiji, come on

image #

Yeah fuck off an island off Madagascar m9s

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Are you allowed to move around?


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It’s got a bit of a hard-on for Alaska hasn’t it? I just got two in a row that were 50 miles apart.

I had enough time in the office to really have a look around my places so did alright, I was stuck on a generic paradise beach for my last one though so was a good few thousand miles away.

I spent ages elaborately cheating my way into Toronto to find a road sign on one of them only for it to turn out to be the same street name somewhere in Nova Scotia.

A slightly different twist on geoguesser - videos of tourist locations

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