Shameful acts of social media stalking

Shameful sounds really loaded and I mean light hearted instances as opposed to actual harassment. Love hearing the cringe inducing stories, like someone going 3 years back into someone’s Instagram feed and accidentally liking a post. Think I’ve told this story already so I’ll do a search for it
Weird stuff random people have said to you - #72 by avocado

Ok here it is :sweat_smile: also once bought a book because another boy in sixth form that I fancied a bit for purely superficial reasons recommended it on his MySpace lol (we barely spoke irl and i wasn’t on MySpace, but it was a pretty good book and I enjoyed it, house of leaves, still have it somewhere)


I wish I had stories this cool to be honest

House of Leaves is a big commitment for a crush, kudos

Not social media related but I got into Sonic Youth mainly because I overheard a girl I fancied at school saying she was listening to them. Shortly after sincerely getting really into SY, I found out she’d actually been listening to the short lived post-Busted band Son of Dork


bookmarks to post in later


been caught proper a couple of times accidentally clicking into someone’s Instagram story when I don’t follow them.

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Bought a KISS record because the hot store clerk had it as the recommended album of the week

barely spoke when I paid for it, just ran off in a hurry. At least I got a KISS record out of it I suppose


My ex does this to me occasionally. I don’t know why she doesn’t just follow me (her profile is set up private which is rather hypocritical of her)

Where I used to work there was a new receptionist that I fancied a bit and we’d exchange hellos is the morning, nothing more. One day I had a notification on fb that someone had liked one of my old profile pictures. I didn’t recognise the person initially but quickly realised it was the girl on reception. Bit forward I thought, but I’m into it. I reciprocated with a friend request that was then completely ignored/ rejected. I now had to awkwardly shuffle past her each morning under her cold hard glare. Presumably, she’d used the work database to find out who I was and then stalk me online, accidentally liking a photo in the process. My suspicion is that she hadn’t realised her error and thought i was the one stalking her. Jfc.


ok, so there was this total dickhead i was into in the first term at uni, in hindsight i’m more horrified by me fancying him than literally anyone else i’ve had feelings for which is a real achievement on his part. he was awful, thought he was so edgy because he was cynical about everything), was a total wet wipe over his ex girlfriend (they dated for 2 MONTHS, the second month of which he said he didn’t actually even like her and was planning to break up with her… and then she cheated on him so suddenly he was all mopey about her???), and he had literally 4 different anecdotes, even the first time we hung out he was recycling them, and they were terrible. he treated me absolutely horribly as well. UGH.

anyway. very early on he made a really big deal about having some big bad secret that he wasn’t going to share (although gave a few hints of timing). i was obviously curious but respected his boundaries on that and wasn’t going to push it. HOWEVER i wanted him to fancy me and was also basically a PhD in Facebook stalking at this age so i went in search of useful tidbits i could use to make him fancy me more, had completely forgotten about the BIG SECRET (and tbqh i would never have thought i’d find anything significant on his page if it had occurred to me). anwyay i literally had been scrolling for about three minutes when i saw the Notes section of his profile and, yep, right there: a big note from the year before about his dad having died. it lined up totally with what he’d alluded to. i felt absolutely terrible about it.

we remained friends (kind of) for the whole three years of uni and in that time he never told me the BIG SECRET and i had to pretend the whole time when he’d reference it that i had no idea what it was :zipper_mouth_face:

My current bf, when we’d just got together, made a few comments about having a big bad secret and i got freaked out that it might be something that would put me at risk in some way (eg a history of violence) so i made him tell me what it was.

It was something i had absolutely no need to know, that had no bearing on anything, and i felt really bad for making him tell me.

In this day and age it definitely sounds a bit of an ominous thing to say to someone.


Had an absolutely brutal crush on someone who I can only assume was aware and being characteristically gentlemanly in politely pretending not to have noticed. Accidentally liked something (thankfully something recent) and had to pretend it was all down to accidental clicking rather than part accident, part obsessive stalking. He was, of course, super nice about it, the absolute bastard. :sob:

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Yeah exactly, I was fully expecting to hear something really awful. So although I felt bad that he had to tell me something he clearly hadn’t fully decided he wanted to tell me, I was pretty relieved that I could just think “oh, ok, that’s absolutely none of my business”

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I also always used to go into the video game shop at the mall I worked at on my break. Clearly displaying the fact I worked at the Starbucks and hoped maybe one day she’d come in for a coffee. Was too scared to actually ask her or talk to her at all