🍺 🍋 Shandy 🍋 🍺

Haven’t had a bitter shandy for years because you can’t get it here and also it never gets above 15 degrees, but it is pretty magical.

Guinness shandy doesn’t quite hit the same way.

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When I ran the Irish bar people used to order this as a hilarious joke. Strange behaviour.

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Guiness and black is weirdly popular. At it


Really at it.

so is this though.

Don’t think typos are at it really

Few of my pals have been getting right into shandy recently, had quite an odd experience where one started to give me a really in depth description of it as if I’d never heard of one before.


Maybe you’re right. Guinness and black is definitely the peak of casual at-itism though. Some people used to ask for Guinness and orange cordial too.

Reckon there’s a thread in horrific drinks orders you’ve seen. Worst common one we had was sambuca and lemonade. Looks like cum

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There’s a woman who pops up in my TikTok feed a lot who drinks pints of lager and tomato juice. That’s got to be up there.

white wine + cider
I have issues

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Sounds quite nice tbf.

Different drinks for different needs

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Very 90s drink

Rarely have a shandy, but fucking love a tops on a sunny day or first drink after a heavy previous night drinking.

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Interesting about cider shandy as I had a little period where I used to get that but the bar workers would invariable look at me like I was insane. So much so that I thought I must have being committing some great faux pas. Literally every time I ordered I’d have to repeat myself 3 or 4 times and eventually instruct them on half cider/half lemonade in a pint glass.

Rubbish pubs in central London with rubbish cider but it was mainly a way to not drink too much.

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As children of the 70s we used to get one of these from the newsagents and get absolutely pissed* up on Saturday afternoon:


(* not intoxicated in the slightest)

image **

(** c.0.05% proof)


Might ask for a shandygaff next time I go to a pub, see what reaction I get. Also sounds quite nice.

This stuff is nice

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one might say, the best available in a can!

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Asked for a shandy in a pub on Hope Street here in Liv and the bartender vocally took issue with it saying I was diluting the taste of the nice lager they had haha. Tbf he recommended a ~2.5% table beer that they had and gave me a free half, which was tasty, but sometimes you just want a nice lemony shandy!!!

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