Share one song from your 'Discover Weekly' (or similar) playlist

Share one song that has come up on your Discover Weekly or similar music recommending, auto generated playlist that you instantly loved. Ideally by an artist that you didn’t really know or didn’t expect to like.

This week, I heard the following track from a band called Le Volume Courbe a London band that I’ve never heard of. The album is from 2015 and I love this track. Haven’t explored further yet.

Apologies if a similar thread already exists - I couldn’t see one.

Have to say I am a massive fan of the algorithms at play for these lists - every week I seem to find something great in them.

This is from last week: Alabaster Deplume - Visit Croatia. Lovely wistful jazz.


I actually recognised this - I checked my history, seems I listened to it twice in January but don’t recognise the band name so must have also been on my Discover Weekly. Either we have similar enough tastes that this was punted to both of us or perhaps everybody gets the same stuff and I just imagine it to be well-tailored!

Yes, I’ve wondered how generic these are as a friend and I often have quite similar recommendations. But then we both like similar music so it is only logical that the algorithm throws out similar recommendations.

I’m generally quite impressed with what it recommends much of which I’ve never heard. I’d say about 70-80% I like and of that around half I really like.

This week’s Discover Weekly was a bit below par, but I had this earnest/sarcastic enjoyable song last week

Soccer96 - I Was Gonna Fight Fascism (feat. Alabaster DePlume)

I’ve enjoyed a lot of mine this week, delivering lots of good summer music:

Whimsical folky loveliness from Joachim (son of Ry, who’s on Banjo here) Cooder:

Saint Saviour & Willy Mason

Dreamy IDM from Lord of the Isles

Beat Science from Makaya McCraven

Bit lazy with this one because I listen to lots of Fela but not sure I’d heard this before:

And last but not least this face-melting banger from DJ Dalai Lama.