Share videos of good or great or interesting live TV studio performances


I’m a big fan of this and I’m not sure why. It’s not a studio recording and it’s not a live gig. Can be really bland and as a performer I’d imagine pretty stifling and difficult to pull off, but for some reason it really works beautifully in some cases.

Here’s one to start off which isn’t that amazing really but just saw it shared on Facebook and it inspired the thread so there you go


Remember seeing this go out for the first time and falling in love with Amy. Great stuff



(the voice break at 3.30 in this!)



This pretty much ends the thread - such a pity that a band so vital ended up so meh



Nah, ‘Seeds’ was great.



This is awesome. What a band.


Yeah, love the mix. They sound amazing there.



Hope this doesn’t autoplay


This is electric


Not a tv studio performance but this is great


Their Take Away show for La Blogotheque is also outstanding. :heart: them!



That beastie boys one is great


A lot of good KEXP performances


dont we have this thread every like 2 months

anyway my go to answer is

I would also go for