Share Your Favourite Song - A new site I've been working on...

I’ve been working on a project in my spare time for a couple of months and I’ve released it in to the wild.
It’s a bit of a labour of love for me…I’ve wanted to build it for years. It’s inspired by some apps and sites from a (fair) few years ago that are sadly no more and it’s called ‘On My Deck’.

The idea is that you post your favourite song of the moment on there and see other peoples too. It’s social - you can like, comment, add songs to your spotify, launch any song in spotify and follow other users.

It’s still early days yet but I’m trying to get people on board and using it. It’d be great if some of you can have a go. It takes just a few seconds to sign up and get posting.

Like I say, this is a personal project of mine and it’s constantly evolving…there is probably an app in the pipeline too. You can see how it has evolved via the ‘news’ page.

Thanks for your time if you got this far!


is this like a new version of This Is My Jam? (is that what it was called?)

remember getting quite into that for a while so could be cool to have a new version.


My friends and I are constantly messaging each other with songs to check out so the seed was planted to build this from that primarily. There have been some great music services over the years but they all seem to disappear!?

I wanted to build this as a really quick way for people to sign up and post songs on the web.
No faff, just sharing music they love with hopefully discussion and discovery mixed in.
That said, I do have ideas for features/functionality on a daily basis :smiley:

A nice site - impressed by your Spotify integration. I’ve been trying for ages to work with the API but I can’t get the authentication working at all through JS.

Cheers richie. It’s all server-side on this site. Not had any experience with JS and Spotify. Auth was a bit of a hurdle if I remember. Appreciate you checking out the site.
Feel free to shout me re: Spotify’s API if you like (can you DM on here?). I might not be able to help specifically with JS but maybe concepts/flow?

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Cheers - yeah, it’s a real pain client side, never seen a consistent example on how you should do it - I gave up in the end!

If you have signed up and posted a song you love - thank you. :heart:

If you get a moment, hit the Facebook (and/)or Twitter Share button on the post’s detail page to share it on social media and spread the word about the site.

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Site update:
I’ve added a few updates since my original post…little bits of functionality here and there.

An iOS/Android app is also in progress but there’s a little way to go on that.

Just a bit of an update on this as the site has undergone a few upgrades since I 1st posted!

  • Artists are now a part of the site so you can quickly see who has posted what.
  • User profiles have had an upgrade
  • you don’t need a spotify account to sign up now
  • better share options added to the song post pages

I’ve got plenty more planned.
iOS and Android apps are in progress still in my spare time.