Share your juvenilia


Just looking through some of the lyrics, writing and such that I did when I was 13-16 (and maybe later, shamefully) and figured I have to share it because it’s that bad.

Perhaps the most shameful example is my word file full of song names. Not lyrics, names. I presumed I’d go on release dozens of albums (despite having no musical abilities), so I was stockpiling names that I thought would make funny, thought-provoking or profound track titles.

I’ve shared some of these before but have found loads of new ones and I hope that sharing them will relieve me of some of the shame. I suggest you do the same.

Song titles: (I’ll split them into groups so you can imagine them being released as albums)

I used to be indecisive, but now I’m not so sure
Set The Woods On Fire
Ameci Math
The Pirates of Zenith
Melody Hype
Fight Apathy! Or don’t

Labels are for Soup
Sharks don’t sleep
Flirty Fishing
This is Art
Chorus of the Forest
Ritual Note
The road that led to the death of our mothers
Kid Yourself

Paper Jazz
I’m Feeling Sensible
Accidents like you
Everyday To Another Box
It’s their fault as usual
Advantage Jesus

Restless Dreams / Heartless Means
You aren’t a dancer
Inner Peace Any Harmony
Friends are strangers just waiting to happen
Cutting Teeth
Hold Your Horses

She smokes like etcetera
I Am Bollywood
Your Chromosomes
Crash crash radio
She Speaks In Vowels
God II

I feel sick looking at most of those.

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I am in love with this post.


Labels are for soup


The road that led to the death of our mothers


I’ve got song lyrics that I can’t even bear to share they’re that bad.


Inner Peace Any Harmony



Restless Dreams / Heartless Means

Los Campesinos! b-side?


You’ve spelt genitalia wrong and its not Thursday. It’s a deal breaker for me but good luck with the thread


Accidents like you is the set closer / heartfelt sing along.


I Am Bollywood


Is this like the Winter II thing


Flirty Fishing

I mean, Ive got loads of song titles I could share, but nothing to compare with that


So many of these could be real 65 days of static ones


The best thing is I can totally imagine these albums, can picture the cover art and everything. The second & third ones are the best, and the last one’s the worst, probably a bit poor but still ok really.


God II has done me :smiley:


Thank you so much for this wonderful gift. How can we convince you to share lyrics?


Eight and a half minutes long with all its business done and dusted at the 3:30 mark


She smokes like etcetera

Truly incredible


If others contribute to the thread I’ll happily embarrass myself some more.


This one has done me for some reason.

Thank you for sharing, Juke.