Share your music thread?

I made a little cover of everyone’s least/most favourite megastars The National - as much to learn the software as anything…

Did a remix of LA Priest’s recent single ‘What Moves’

for those who like Weatherall/Baggy/Acid House/Balearic

It’s a ‘vibe’


This is really good!

Also accurate description. I’m getting strong “Weatherall remixing the Happy Mondays” vibes.

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Those are my exact vibes. Nicely played.

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Nailed it


Hello, here is a new song.

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New single from a new project from Dan Knowler and Sam McLaughlin (The Infinite Three), featuring some squiggly guitar parts from me.

Single can be bought on good ol’ Bandcamp.

my pal Shaun Lewin made this great video for one of me new tracks

this is fuckin’ great shit mate!

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Ah thanks! I didn’t do the best job on keeping the volume levels consistent (they’re a bit all over the place), ah well.

not noticed that, but I am only listening on my laptop

Don’t you have something coming out today? Or did I make that up?

My album was out last week.

Cheers - purchased. You should send it to Shend, he’ll play a tune on his show I’m sure.

its on my to do list! Wasn’t really sure which track he’d dig. Thanks for buying!!

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Grabbed ya EP too. Looking forward to listening to it not on my laptop! Did you do a non-Cravats album with Shend?

Yeah - pre-orders went live last week:

Thank you for your custom!

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Cool. Checking it out! Will keep an eye on this :slight_smile:

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hi! i made a video thing for my album thats out in a couple of weeks


Lead track from my new EP out today -

Glitchy Melodic Techno