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This is amazing Bam! Thank you so much! Great to get a different perspective on it!

That track is very much intended as a palate cleanser!


The Cliffs of Richard

Great after all that thick noise and crunchy bass how this basically deconstructs itself and breaks apart into a mad snap crackle and pop! Guess entropy is in all things right? Really nice break in timbre from the last few tracks. Now the godspeed violins are back but with more sinister purpose! I’m a big fan of melodies that you can’t quite wrestle into major or minor, this is one of those, depends on where you start it in your head. Top stuff


Yesss! Cracking review! I’m very much enjoying this Bam!


The Caves of Nick

This is more reverent with the churchy organs; did somebody die on the last track? Are they ascending to heaven after their body fizzled out? This must be the first out and out major and uplifting sequence on the album so far…but hold on! there’s a lingering low note occasionally there that suggests all is not well. Beautiful how this rises for one last crescendo at the end of the track.

(Think I’m going to play this all start to finish tomorrow night to go to sleep to and see where the story goes in my head, seems perfect for that.)


Voyager III

The title track! Now should I ascribe this more significance? We’ll see!

Jazzy arpeggio gone mad at the start creating some really interesting trills making me think of some kind of crazy 8 bit Jethro Tull videogame character glitching out.

Now the scratchy keys are almost like a bagpiper playing at the funeral for the character who died in The Cliffs of Richard and ascended during The Caves of Nick!

This is tense as hell as the LFO/tremolo or whatever kicks in on the stabby keys/guitar…everything melds into a glorious cacophony at around 4 minutes.

At 6 minutes the keys are like electric shocks! This is the darkest track yet. Some baaaad shit is going down right now.

Fuuuck, 7 minutes and a huge bass rumble! Like a bomb going off.

Don’t think the world is going to survive whatever just happened :wink:


my band’s new stuff


Flip, this is a great review Bam! It gets pretty damn intense towards the end!

Thank you so much for doing this by the way, I respect your input so much!


Yellow Horse in The Marsh

A nice warmer mellow tone to start with. Beautiful 1st/5th chord thing going on with the fuzz bass here, pretty poignant after the horrors unleashed on the previous track. We’re either in a better place or there’s no-one left to suffer. Ah this is gorgeous…context is everything in music it seems, this record has been a real journey. Feels like I’m being lifted back into space as the synth line reappears around the 4 minute mark.

Maybe my favourite so far in context, it really has so much impact at this stage of the record.


Oh, that’s a big favourite of mine! It’s very relaxed compared to the others, that’s true.


Oceans of Frank

Final track and I’m sorry to see it go!

We return to the jazzy synth lead from Shit in Italics once more, seems fitting as that track was such a strong part of the album, almost felt like it’s centre in a weird way. This feels even more contemplative with the phasing pad that joins after a couple of minutes.

For a while there the whole track seemed stitched to one single note of long feedback, almost like a flat-lining heartbeat to return us to the death theme.

As the final minute approaches the synth morphs into solemn organ once more to play us out as the last line of feedback stretches ever onward.


thanks so much @kallgeese for sharing and taking me on this journey.

That was quite the experience.

Just going to sit quiet for a bit now.


Did an album using a bunch of pre-made samples of different instruments. Isn’t it great how people with zero talent can now do things that used to require talent? Music, photography, film etc. It’s grand.


Bam, that was an incredible review, thank you so much! It means so much coming from you, a musician I respect!


any time my man! You always give my stuff a fair shake so no worries


Just listening to Shit in italics now and it’s a beaut, will be giving the rest a go tomorrow (y)


Ahhh, thank you so much! Will delve into yours tomorrow!


How about this?

Its a crazy edm, indy, altrock mash up


Hey guys, new here. Just wanted to introduce myself. My artist name is Fan Fiqtion and I’m putting out music in the indie folk genre. I’d love you to see what I’m doing.

Here is a link to one of my songs on Spotify

Zion :duck:



oh and i did a soundtrack thing at the start of the year after watching a doc about the yugoslav wars. soviet army pic like.