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Just gave this a proper listen through for the first time and it’s great!

Particularly enjoyed the closing duo of Yellow Horse in the Marsh and Oceans of Frank. Both right up my (ambient) street.


Thank you so much for listening to it! I really appreciate that! They’re two of my favourites on the album so it’s nice to hear that!


I made a new album. Well, I say ‘new’ but I’ve had some of these songs kicking around in demo format for about 7 years so massively relieved just to draw a line under it really.

Not my usual ambient, droney stuff but actual songs with singing and choruses and everything. Elements of Shoegazey indie stuff like Deerhunter, Women, DIIV and so on, and also some slowcore and post-rock influences.

If any of you talented folk gives it a listen I’d love to hear what you think.


just started listening to this now. Really nice chimey guitars but not too jangly which is to my taste :slight_smile:

You have a lovely voice too!


Thanks for listening Bam! Hope you enjoy it, but no worries if you don’t :slight_smile:


nah I’m loving it, it’s great! Will take it with me for a walk tomorrow morning too I think


Ah, really pleased to hear that!

It was actually when you put Other People’s Lives on here that kicked my arse into gear to finish this. Really love that record and it was a proper inspiration for what one guy at home could produce. So, thanks!


aww that’s deeply touching, thank you so much :slight_smile:

I’m on Your Iris Is a Map That Leads Nowhere now, probably my favourite so far. Those lilting guitars sigh

Reminds me a bit of this Canadian band Young & Sexy


Glad you liked it!

Haven’t heard of Young and Sexy. Will check them out.


Heres a demo of mine… the full production is coming soon. Hope you guys like it


don’t sell yourself short Jook this is great! Funky and relaxing in equal parts!


Cheers mate! :smiley:


I wrote this piece a couple of weeks ago during a bit of a low point. I’d say it accurately sums up how I was/am feeling without saying anything.


this is very nice. Richter-y.


This is lovely! Like @myyada says, it reminds me of Max Richter, particularly some of his work on the Leftovers soundtrack.


I did this short harmonium piece for an arts festival in Plymouth at the weekend. Nice to go unplugged-organ again.


Thank you! Mahoosive compliment. Appreciate it x


I really like this. Do you live in Plymouth?