Share your music thread?


yes I do! Abercrombie’s city of the future


My friend Mo lives that way. Involved with the art scene there, as far as I can recall.


Ah cool, I think the Plymouth Art Weekender was very successful. I hope Mo dug it too!



New spooky vid:


Help out an indie and add a few songs to your playlist…share them if you like! Thank you!!


nice groove to this one


The drums on this track are dope!!


Here’s a floaty ambient piece I made for an exhibition I was involved in recently.


This is really, really lovely. I love the overall timbre, it’s perfectly evocative of its title.


Thank you :slight_smile: I’m pretty pleased with it. I think it worked with the photography being exhibited!


thanks man! He’s a very liberating player to jam with


why didn’t I do this weeks ago?


aye, this is brilliant!


Just made my first song ever and I am looking for some feedback


Spooky horror movie soundtrack I made


Lovely slab o’ dense celestial noise for you lot.


First track from my new band Freddie Quell.

FFO: These Arms are Snakes, Touche Amore, mewithoutYou, At The Drive-In, probably a bit of Fugazi in there too.


Really liking this! Angular and rolling - two of my favourite adjectives in music! He’s got a great voice as well - good balance between melodic and passionate. Noice!


Thanks man! I’ll take that.