Share your music thread?


This is good, right up my alley.

Are the vocals intentionally so low in the mix?


I like this, the skittering behind the ambient pads reminds me of rain.

Barely sounds anything like the original either, which is probably for the best.


Just had a listen to this, it’s pretty fucking awful.

It’s impressive how many places this guy managed to Jag it with no response too.

Reminds me of a song I wrote and recorded in 8 minutes back in 2002.


Great stuff.


Great stuff. Really like that. Where’s @sheeldz he should put it on his show (he probably already did).


Cool, thanks man. And aye, our singer needed to be put in his place! (not really, I thought the level was ok but cheers for the feedback).


This is great!


Cheera @ma0sm and @1101010 <3


Excellent, I’ll add it to the list.


there was someone on here years ago who posted their kind of proggy/metal/oceansize ish music, i believe they were from hampshire/winchester kind of area. anyone remember who that was?


For the Halloween spirit, I’ve released the score for my friend’s short film (which’ll be out this evening) onto the old Soundcloud page.


Realised today I haven’t released any music in three years now. Coincidentally since I started working full time…

Anyhow, this is the last thing I did.

(Edit: I don’t know how to do embeds from mobile.)




Thanks! Ha I had no idea it was already a song, I heard the phrase for the first time ever from a few weeks ago.


I am Corrections.

The album, ‘Idolatry’, was recorded in my bedroom (bass, guitar, drum machine, tambourine, vox + reverb + reverb). I’ve jokingly labelled it ‘post-dream pop’ which doesn’t really make any sense. According to ~20 bloggers the instrumentation is great, but the vocals leave something to be desired. It’s a tad derivative in places, but I poured a lot of angst into it and spent 100+ hours mixing and mastering this unwieldy beast, which only inspires me to write more.

For fans of The Church, jangle pop, atmosphere, lo-fi (mid-fi?) and over-dramatic/sardonic vocal delivery. One mate described the vox as a lacklustre hybrid of Morrissey and Thom Yorke. Probs inaccurate.

Best track according to me: Coasting
Best track according to everyone else: Underground City


There’s also a video in the works.

Also, if anyone enjoys the music and would like to form a band, send me a PM. I’m moving to Maidenhead at the end of the year.

Any feedback would be ace.



Big ambient/doom/drone piece I did for the last month



I made this long playlist of unreleased stuff (37 tracks!). Have an idea to bang it together to make a mixtape of around 60minutes but I’m not a DJ and I don’t really know where to begin - other than with the ‘mixtape intro’ track that I made

Any suggestions? Does anyone here DJ ?


I love you.




I Released my first album earlier this year, after working on it for four years.
I also did everything (bass, drums, guitar, vocals, production) by myself.
I’m extremely thankful for everone who listens to it.