Share your music thread?


Any chance this will make its way onto bandcamp?


Managed to get my song, “Christmas Bells” out. I’m based in China, and that influences the sound of my Christmas song, with the sound of a yangqin in the chorus.




The mixtape? Yeah, that’s the plan

Or were there individual tracks you meant?


Nope, just whatever I can bung on my ipod


I have a couple of things out in the new year on some actual proper labels (if all goes to plan) so I have to be a little bit careful about chucking too much stuff up on bandcamp in the time between.
I realise that sounds really precious but it is what it is …

I was thinking about some kind of Christmas drop/advent thing or bandcamp subscription thing but I dunno yet, haven’t really thought it through


Ah cool. Good to see you gaining traction :slight_smile:


vinyl mastering next week

getting way too over excited


just posted up this mix of stuff lingering on my harddrive


Here is one of my latest releases. I’m hoping it might become a music pack for the popular video game Dota 2.

Here is a sort of a bucketlist tune I composed and ordered the drum track from the legendary drummer Morgan Ågren who played with Zappa. I am aspiring to create more tunes to which I’d purchase tracks from my favourite musicians.


Mastering done, test pressings on their way, contract signed, artwork approved

Gotta wait another 5/6 weeks until news is public & about 8/9 weeks until it hits the stores

I’m dying of excitement here

Plus there’s a totally unrelated 2nd 12” on a different label coming shortly after

It’s very VERY hard not to shout all about this in public, sorry for the vagueness but I’m having kittens



Self-released my album last week -

there’s a version with some extra tracks on bandcamp -

it’s kinda house-y / techno-y with some ambient parts in places.


I like the weird plastic creaking texture on this. And is that a can being opened? Anyway, really good.


I play in a band and we have an EP that we recorded earlier in the year. We were most recently described as “windowless brutalist skyscraper punk”, whatever that means.



i can confirm there is a can being opened, a shovel, a wooden spoon, and virginia madsen sampled on that track.


I did a christmas song


What happened to the DiSmas album? Cant remember which regular normally made them but that was always fun to listen to. Would be nice to have a shit at recording some Chrimbo stuff again



It was @moker but he’s been off DiS for a while