Share your music thread?


I made a thread but it sank without trace

too late to get it going?


Lets do it, it was always good fun


Not sure on this one but you might like it. Is the mix too quiet?


gearing up to release my next album in the new year, really jazzed about it. here’s a not quite final mix of one of the songs if you fancy a sneaky preview!


“Love is War,” release coming soon!
Love is War



Birthday bump - put this single out last month, band is more pop-orientated.


Hopefully you all check out my stuff. Im new here. Would love to hear all helpful feedback on a couple songs. Im a singer, songwriter and producer(I guess?) I do everything myself. Sounds crazy but thats just the vibe for now.


hey pals, here’s another new dawnwalker track!




I like the subtle intro


Man, this is ace - as with the first album, it’s right up my street. Love you voice in both ‘forms’, and properly excited to hear the full album.


thanks for the kind words dudes. feeling pretty chuffed about it. album should be out sometime next week!


Apologies for lowering the standard of music in the thread but here’s a collection of stuff I recorded using ableton live


here’s a bit of a soundscape I did a while ago


only gone and made a slow banger, is it. bit of a trip hoppy dubstep number, couldn’t it. artwork cribbed from a pic i took in berlin. graffiti copyright? fight me.


My band The Cravats have launched The Dustbin Of Sound, the umbrella beneath which all things Cravats and their offshoots will reside. We’ll be adding oldies, newies and unreleasedies gradually. THAT’S NICE ISN’T IT


new DW is out today!

should appear on all the streaming sites over the course of today as well. hope you guys dig it!


Album of the year!


:rofl: now just to hold out at the top spot for the next 11 months and 17 days!