Share your music thread?


Yeah!!! Thoughts to follow.


Love that slightly seedy guitar riff about 6 mins into Branches. No idea if that’s the feel you were going for, but it’s that vibe I love on mid-90s NIN and MM :wink:


Alright, after about a 5 year hiatus I’ve finally got back into making some music. Sifting through about 100 files varying from full tracks to one bar sketches, and starting by trying to finesse some old ‘finished’ pieces.

First is one I’ve posted before but have reworked a bit to fix some clipping and generally flesh everything out to sound a bit richer. File under ambient techno.

Second is kinda Autechre-inspired glitch.

And, finally, some vaguely haunting ambient which picks up a beat towards the end.


yes eric!



last one of these was my fave, nice and moody


Thanks pal - appreciate you taking the time :slight_smile:

There are some strange working titles among my heap of files. Intrigued to hear what I was working on that is simply titled ‘Bus’


i redid the track i posted a few days ago cos it didn’t feel right. finished off two others and decided they fit as a three track ep. shoegazey, dubby, ambient, trip hoppy kind of deal, lots of static and noise and random sound effects. virginia madsen cameos on tracks 1 and 3.


this shit is so balla, mainline it into my veins and i would be happy to OD. it’s good, is what i’m saying.


on track 1 virginia is one of the vocal samples and she also provides hi-hat work and part of the snare. respect to virginia,


also i did this last year after watching a fuck load of documentaries about the yugoslavia wars, i figured some day i might be asked to provide a soundtrack to arkan’s downfall. i’ll stop jagging now.


This has already made my day


@anon30627475 gave your Hyperdeath EP a listen and enjoyed it - production is really crisp :ok_hand:

Lazarus Pit - I like this. Never managed to make a good dubstep beat myself (which seems crazy, I know. It’s 2-step ffs!) but this achieves that and has a nice brooding atmosphere. Pads at 3:45 lift the end nicely.

Your Weary Head - works well as a dubstep ambient interlude. The fuzziness is nice and provides a good contrast with Lazarus.

Last Night… - samples in this are great. Again, file under ‘things I’ve tried to do and always failed at’ :sweat_smile:


Continuing to sift through and finesse a bunch of things. Here are a couple of static-y drone compositions from when I was at peak obsession with Tim Hecker and Fennesz. Track titles are Murakami-inspired in case anyone was wondering - Wind Up Bird Chronicles really resonated around that time for me.


Hope you enjoy!


Not new or anything just fancied sharing again



New thing from my band Freddie Quell. Got an EP coming next month.

Once again, FFO: These Arms are Snakes, Touche Amore, mewithoutYou, At The Drive-In, Fucked Up, Fugazi… that sorta thing.


is that a “the master” reference?