Share your music thread?


Okay you have a new fan :ok_hand:


might have mixed the vocals too high on this. Either that or I’m just being self-conscious, always find it difficult to tell. Musically it was good to have some success combining the non-standard-tuning thumb piano with synth and guitar.


Awesome dude, cheers! :slight_smile:


you know what i love about this is the way the guitars somehow…what’s the term…they flow with the vocal, like i can’t even really grip the description i’m going for. i don’t know from guitar music really, but when it moves into the atonal bit, the snare thumping, it gives me the feels, then that psychotic drone underlying everything is :ok_hand:. you got some lyrics per chance? i’m just shouting along atm.


listening thru headphones so maybe i’m not hearing what you’re hearing, but the mix job sounds fine, vocals settling where they should. feel like the percussion also plays a melodic role, it has a super nice feel. this is a tune, is what i am saying.


fucking hell there are bare talented DiSers. working back through this thread and it’s unreal, the quality people produce in their spare time, mozarts just tossing off masterpieces like it’s nothing. like i cannot believe you aren’t signed tbh.


My band are called Mašīna. We’re referring to this as “epic electronic folk-pop”, but writing about music is like dancing about architecture, so maybe just listen to it and see what you think.


Post Louis are back baby


Oh yeah, I’ll post here as well :slight_smile:
Released an ambient techno album and a drone album


I made some stuff at the end of last year, which I’m actually quite happy with despite production/mastering et cetera being probably pretty woeful - I have no idea what I’m doing there to be honest!


I really like that shift in DreamDay after the vocal sample - well lush.


Thank you, glad you like it!


This is a track I started working on inspired by Susumu Yokota’s ambient work. As he sadly passed away a few years ago, it is dedicated to him.


this is really good


Good man, cheers! Should be another couple of tracks coming next week.


Mate, thanks for this. I hear exactly what you’re getting at. Glad it’s working for you :slight_smile:

We put it up on Soundcloud too so you can get the lyrics there but I quite like the idea of you shouting something completely different because that’s what I always end up doing.

Listen to Negatives by Freddie Quell #np on #SoundCloud



Thought I’d share some music that I’ve made over the past year or so. I’d love to get into soundtrack stuff though probably don’t have the experience of talent :slight_smile: still, one must have a dream eh.


this is great, man. As per!


tryin’ to get some shiz together for a new album atm.


Full EP now up on all your usual music buying/streaming services.

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